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Welcome to the Convolution Bulletin Board System (BBS). This BBS is an ANSI styled system reminesent of the original dial-up BBSs in the 1980s and 1990s. This BBS can be accessed via telnet and ssh. A popular ANSI telnet client for Windows is mTelnet. SyncTerm is also popular.

Here you can play numerous door games, visit message networks, chat with other members, and more. I've added a lot of "daily" content, such as daily trivia, neverending story, oneliners, etc. to give another reason to call every day. Of course, this can all be bypassed if you want to head straight to the games via fast logon.

Door game scores and news bulletins are viewable both on the BBS as well as this website.

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Direct: telnet://convolution.us

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All news posted in the RSS feed (fixed as of 7/4/2013).

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  • battlenet (069,169,267,555,666)
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        Cerebus: Are you telling me this this is nuclear??
  Kermit Sheets: Wake up and smell the cat food on your bank account.
       Darkfyre: Are YOU down with the sickness?
        Braxton: plop, plop. fizz, fizz. oh what a relief it is.
    Jon Justvig: glad to be back on convoltion!
       Fearchar: Spem successus alit!
           Nckx: I'm here to kick ass and chew gum, and I'm all out of ass...
        Stryker: I'm here to kick gum and chew ass.
        Stryker: No, it's electrical, but we need plutonium for 1.21 GW
        Hustler: How do I exit the first Wall?? It's tooo looong!
episode have been a vivid anesthesia-fueled hallucination, or was it
some kind of enhanced state of mind only attainble while under
sedation? Did I die on the operating table? Could this be some sort
of limbo afterlife where the usual terms of reality were suspended?
I decided to test this theory by pinching myself. Now in a dream, when
you pinch yourself, you wake up. It's a scientific fact. I wasn't so
sure what would happen in a limbo afterlife if I pinched myself, but I
figured it couldn't hurt to try. I moved my right thumb and index
finger toward my left forearm and zeroed in on a convenient stretch of
flesh, dealing myself a painful pinch. But what was my surprise when