Land Of Devistation

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Land Of Devastation
By Scott M. Baker

      What are you here to do? How do you win the Game? What is the meaning
  of life? For answers to these questions, please see the game objective
  command in the documentation center.

Section 1.1: Character Basics

      Each player in LOD has one and only one character with which to explore
the game. You're given a character at logon time and you keep that character
until it dies - at which point you may make a new character, regenerate the
dead one, or a few other options.

      The main features of a character are the attributes and the inventory.
Attributes are numeric representations of your characters abilities and
physical characteristics. The inventory is the collection of items that your
character is carrying at any given moment.

      In addition to the inventory that you are carrying (think of it as
being stored in a "backpack"), there are also several equipped items.
Equipped items are special items that you have readied and are prepared to
use at a moments notice.

Section 1.2: Attributes

      Your character has four basic attributes. These are strength (STR),
dexterity (DEX), agility (AGL), and health (HITS). These attributes determine
your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to combat.

      Strength effects how hard you can hit with your weapons. The higher
your strength, the more damage you will do in hand-to-hand combat.

      Your ability to hit what you are aiming at. The higher your dexterity
in relation to an opponents agility, the better your odds of hitting that

      Your ability to run away, dodge attacks, and perform certain actions
in combat. The better your agility in relation to an opponent's dexterity,
the better your odds of performing these actions.

      Your current hit points are your life. Hitpoints are divided into two
numbers in the format "xx/yy" or "xx of yy". The first number is always the
number of hitpoints that you presently have. The second is the maximum number
of hitpoins that you can accumulate. For example, 20/25 would mean your
character has 20 out of a possible 25 hitpoints.

      There is one other attribute that is not directly related to your
character's physical characteristics. It is EXPERIENCE. Experience is the
sum of all the knowledge that you have gained from combat encounters and
special quests. The more you play and fight, the more experience you will

      The LEVEL of your character is derived from the experience. Every so
often, you will accumulate enough experience points to "go up a level". When
you rise a level, you will be allowed to apply additional points to your
basic attributes.

Section 1.3: Experience/Level table

 Level          Experience
 -----          ----------
   1                     0
   2                  1250
   3                  2500
   4                  5000
   5                 10000
   6                 20000
   7                 40000
   8                 80000
   9                160000
  10                320000
  11                480000
  12                640000
  13                800000
  14                960000

      When you have enough experience to gain a level, report directly to
Sacre Base. As soon as you arrive, you will be given the option of training
for various attributes.

      When training, you may allocate your training points however you wish
to Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Hit Points, or trade training points for
cash. Cash is usually a poor idea since levels become increasingly difficult
the further you progress. Your best bet to attain cash is by salvaging
equipment from the wasteland.

      There are several different special quests which can be accomplished
out in the wastelands. A quest could be as simple as delivering a special
item to a certain place or as complicated as having to locate and slay a
particular monster. It's up to you to discover what these quests are!
Completing a special quest usually has the following benefits:

      1) An experience bonus.

      2) Accumulation of quest points - gives you a certain amount of
         "prestige" in the quest points section of the rankings.

      3) A special item - many quests result in you gaining a special item
         or learning a useful clue about the game.

Section 1.4: Team Play

      From time to time, it has been noticed that soldiers have grouped
themselves together to form "teams". These teams provide a number of

      1) Smart Mines which are placed by one team member will not explode
         when another member enters the area.

      2) Team members will be able to see each others fortresses using
         the fortlist ROM as well as teleport to each others fortresses
         without any fee (regardless of the list-with-traders-union

      3) Teams with 2 or more members will get an automatic 5% team discount
         at all city stores.

      4) Team members can bypass other teammate's fortress TOLL and PROX
         systems without harm.

      5) The bank will grant larger loans to players who are on a team based
         upon the combined value of the team members.

      Options for team play can usually be found at the troop quarters of any

Section 1.5: Equipped items

      Items are equipped by use of the Q)-equip command. You may only
select the appropriate type of item for the appropriate equipment slot.

      Please see the chapter on combat.

      Please see the chapter on combat.

      Please see the chapter on combat.

      Please see the chapter on combat.


      Medical lining is a special suit that you wear underneath your armor.
It is kind of an automated medkit. While you are moving about, the medical
lining pumps you full of chemicals, increasing your hit points as you move.

      Medical lining is rated in terms of hit points per 50 moves. So 5/50
medline would be one hit point regenerated per every 10 moves. The following
classes of medical lining are available directly at Sacre Base:

      STD. MEDLINE: 1/50  (1 hit regenerated per 50 moves)
      ADV. MEDLINE: 5/50  (1 hit regenerated per 10 moves)


      The GS-224 laptop was specially designed to assist adventurers out in
the wasteland. It is capable of performing a variety of useful function. The
basic Laptop come pre-configured with only the essential commands. To add new
programs to your laptop, you will have to purchase or otherwise obtain "ROM
Cartridges". ROM Cartridges may be copied with the laptop's "COPY" command.

      We highly suggest purchasing the Laptop and the following ROMs as soon
as it is convenient for you:

      NOTES:    Keeps an online notebook of the locations of important places
                that you visit.

      CSTATS:   Extremely handy. Displays useful information about your
                weapons, armor, and other combat statistics. Can be used to
                scan your inventory to find out which weapons are better
                than others.

      DIET:     An automatic diet maintenance program. No more worrying about
                when to each rations.

      APPRAISE: Displays the relative costs of items in your inventory. Costs
                displayed are the "new purchase price" and the price paid by
                Sacre Base may be significantly less. The APPRAISE ROM is
                nevertheless a useful tool in determining what items are
                valuable and what is not.

      For more information about the Laptop and it's ROMs, we suggest you
visit the Sacre Base Tavern. There is usually someone there who can be of

Section 2.1: The Map and Terrain System

       The "world" in LOD is composed of a series of interconnected maps.
One map, termed the "main" map, represents the ground level of the earth.
This is the map in which most travel and exploration takes place. Almost all
of the other maps are linked in some way or another to the main map.

       The main map is usually 125x125 squares in size. Each square
represents some arbitrary measurement of land. A square could represent an
acre, a square mile, or virtually anything that the imagination allows.
Travel is usually performed by moving in a compass direction (N/S/E/W) from
one square on the map to another.

       Each map square has a particular type of terrain associated with it.
Common terrain types include "roads", "plains", "forrest", and "mountains".
Some terrain types, such as plainse, can be traversed easilly and with no
special equipment. Others, such as rivers and lakes, require special devices
(such as a miniraft) to cross them. There are also impassible terrain types,
such as impassible mountains and dense forrests that cannot be traversed
no matter what equipment the player carries.

       Due to the visibility limitations of humans, only a small window of
the map is displayed at one time. This window is approximately 5 squares
by 5 squares in size, although it can be configured to 3x3 if modem speed
is a problem. The player is always located in the center of the 5x5 window,
and the window will move automatically with the player. There are several
different map display modes available:

SVGA: (graphics mode)

       SVGA graphics are the preferred method, assuming that your equipment
supports the graphics and you have properly configured the software. SVGA
is always available on the sysop-side (host) of the connection if the sysop
desires. However, use on the remote side (user) requires using the GTERM
terminal program. (more on this later)

       With SVGA, you will see a small "picture" of each terrain type in the
5x5 map window. This is by far the best and easiest to navigate. Certain
terrain types, such as walls and roads will be automatically "connected" to
make following them easier.

ENHANCED ANSI: (text mode)

       With enhanced ansi, the map display will be held permanently in place
at the top of the screen. Graphics will update as you move, but the screen
generally does not "scroll" down. It's the preferred mode for those who do
not use SVGA. Enhanced ansi is available in 5x5 or 3x3 configurations.

STANDARD TEXT: (text mode)

       This is the most primitive and least-desirable display method. It is
limited to a 3x3 grid. A new map is drawn every time you move and the
whole mess scrolls down the screen. However, if for some reason you support
neither the SVGA or ANSI modes, you can always fall back to this one.

Section 2.2: Text Symbols

       If you use either the ENHANCED ANSI or STANDARD display modes (ie
anything but SVGA), then you will have to contend with the text map symbols.
The text symbols are meant to be symbolic representations of the type of
terrain that is present. Each text symbol is two characters in size.

       If ANSI is supported, then the text symbols are also colored. These
colors have been chosen to make things a bit clearer. For example, green
is used to represent plains and blue is used to represent water. YELLOW is
almost always used to represent enter-able locations such as cities, stores,

       The best way to learn the symbols is to just move around the map. The
name current terrain that you are standing is always displayed next to the
scanner. Pretty soon you'll learn em all!

 Plains         --   Wide, open grasslands; Usually quite safe.
 Impass. Mtn    MM   Impassable mountains. No way to get around em!
 Desert         ..   Hot temps and dust storms make travelling dangerous.
 Mountains      mm   Low mountains; Easily climbable, but not too safe.
 Road           ||   Pre-war highways - monsters usually stay clear.
 Wasteland      ww   Areas severely damaged by nuclear radiation - stay clear!
 River          ~~   Flowing water - can be crossed if you have a raft.
 Swamp          ""   Swamps - very unsafe.
 Rad-zone       rr   Direct nuclear strike. Very, very hazardous
 Forest         ff   Thick, woody forests - UNPASSABLE!
 Hut            HT   Small huts occupied by rural dwellers
 Towns          xx   (xx is a number) sends you to a new town map
 Red Pylon      /\   Several located, but their function is unknown.
 Green Pylon    /\   Several located, but their function is unknown.
 Store          ST   A generic city store
 Wasteland Exit WL   An exit from a city into the wastelands
 Bank           $$   Good place to transfer funds
 Hort. Center   HS   True nature unknown; Rumored to exist.
 Phaser Cache   PC   True nature unknown; Rumored to exist.
 Clone Center   CC   True nature unknown; Rumored to exist.
 Nuclear Silo   NS   True nature unknown; Rumored to exist.
 EEEE           EE   True nature unknown; Rumored to exist.
 Kill, Inc      KI   True nature unknown; Rumored to exist.
 Comm Tower     CT   True nature unknown; Rumored to exist.

Section 2.3: Dealing with Towns

       You'll encounter several towns, villages, and cities in the
wastelands. To enter a town, you'll need to use the "G" key when you're on
the proper map square. "G" stands for "Go".

       Some towns require something special to be done before you can enter.
Usually they'll tell you what this is, but sometimes they can be somewhat
vague. If you get stuck trying to get into a particular town, then you may
wish to post a message asking for help. Usually someone else in the game
has already figured it out.

       When you enter a town, you'll switch to the town map. The town map
is presented at a somewhat different scale -- rather than map squares being
an acre or square mile, in towns they represent a much smaller size, perhaps
a square yard.

       Towns typically have roads that lead from the entrance to various
places of interest. Civilian dwellings and unimportant locations have
typically been "left out" of the town maps - only important locations such
as stores, banks, taverns, etc are presented. Mots twon maps are small and
the typical player should be able to fully explore them pretty quickly.

       Some towns, such as Sacre Base, will charge high-level players rent
for staying within. If this rent is not paid on-time, then access to the
city may be refused. The rent account may always be paid at any bank in any

       Although much of the previous civilization was destroyed by the great
nuclear war, one custom has survived: Tax Collection. For some unknown
reason, the political leaders of each of the wastelands towns have all agreed
to charge high level players taxes. These taxes will be re-distributed
nightly to all players. Redistributed taxes are dumped in the "standard
account" any may be retrieved by visiting any city bank.

Section 2.4: Things you'll find in towns

       Towns include all sorts of exciting places. Sacre base itself has
many locations to enter. You are encouraged to visit them all and learn what
they are about. Some of the more generic entities that are available in
most cities are discussed below. (ANSI users remember: G)o-able locations
are almose always represented by yellow colored symbols)

* TAVERN: (ansi "TV")

       Most, if not all, of the towns have taverns in them. Taverns are the
local hangouts for the prominent town citizens. Most taverns will welcome you
openly and most citizens will talk freely about themselves. The first thing
you should do when you enter a new town is to thoroughly question everyone
in the taverns.

       When talking to a character, the character will respond to various
"hot words" - for instance, asking someone about "JOB" or "NAME" will usually
yield a response with the appropriate information. These hot words are
hilighted in RED for ansi users or capitolized in all-caps for non-ansi

* STORE: (ansi "ST")

       Towns almost always have stores in them where the local merchants and
traders have items for sale. These stores can be a great source of equipment
that is not available at Sacre Base.


       Every town has a troop quarters. The troop quarters is sort of a
catch-all for utility functions that you may need to perform. For example,
viewing the log or the rankings and adjusting your ANSI options.

* BANKS: (ansi "$$")

       Every society has them - the bankers and tax collectors. Even after
a total collapse of government, these instituations still reamin functional.
Banks have several functions available, such as savings account and low-
interest loans. The "rent" account can also be paid here.

Section 2.5: Other Map Notes

       The map is full of unusual places to discover and explore. Always
proceed with caution, but don't be afraid to try new places.

       Large specialty stores have been known to exist directly on the main
map. Commonly known ones are the EEEE which sells advanced weapons and
ACME Weapons which boasts a full-time weaponsmith and technician available
for custom weapon modifications. There is a horticulture center out there
somewhere that deals exclusively with advanced food products.

       A transportion network of pylons is out there. Pylons are not very
well understood and little documentation exists on them. The only facts are
that they commonly require a "keycard" of some sort and usually have a
sequence of buttons that must be pressed in the correct order to select a
destination point.

       Beware of objects that are scattered about. Sometimes extremely
dangerous mines may be encountered. These mines will appear exactly as normal
objects to your scanners and to the naked eye. It's only when you get close
to them that they will detonate and make a serious mess of you!

       You may encounter fortresses at certain locations. Fortresses can be
thought of as sort of miniature cities. Most do posess stores that items
may be purchased from. As opposed to cities, fortresses do not posess their
own maps - they are navigated by means of a series of menus. Fortresses are
usually heavilly defended with advanced weapons, moats, and defense shields.
Some fortresses even have "toll booths" and "prox sensors" that will firing
on passing travellers!

Section 2.6: Map system commands

       The map system (also termed the "wastelands menu") has several command
options that are available:

      North...: N or 8     Pick Up Item: P     Enter.........: G
      South...: S or 2     Drop Item...: D     Camp out here.: A
      East....: E or 6     Check Status: C     Construct fort: F
      West....: W or 6     Equip.......: Q     Enter Fort....: I
      Look....: L or 5     Use Item....: U     Inv Maint.....: M
      Kill Obj: K          Quick Heal..: Y     B.A.D. Spell..: B

      Most of those commands are self-explanatory, but a few of them deserve
some special attention:

      ENTER (g)

        The enter command will not only get you into towns, but other
        locations as well - fortresses, camps, special places, pylons,
        whatever. When in doubt about a new location, you might as well try
        to enter it.

      KILL OBJ (k)

        This command will allow you to permanently "kill" an object on the
        wasteland. For example, if there is a "dagger" laying in front of
        sacre base and it has been annoying you, you can kill it.

      EQUIP (e)

        You need to use this one to equip your weapons, armor, etc.

      USE ITEM (u)

        This is one of the most important commands in the game. Certain
        items that you are carrying must be U)sed in order to activate
        them. For example, U)sing a medkit will heal your character.

        If you select the "list" option from the U)se prompt, the game will
        present a listing of the usable items that you are carrying. Non-
        usable items will not be listed. This is a quick and easy way to
        figure out which items are use-able.

        Alternatively to typing the number of the object in your inventory
        to use, you can also type the first few letters of the item name.
        For example, you could type "MED" to use a medkit, or "TRI" to
        use a tricorder.

      QUICK HEAL (y)

        Rather than use the USE (u) command multiple times on a medkit to
        heal yourself, you can use the Y command to automatically use as
        many medkit doses as are necessary to heal you.

      PICK UP (p)

        There is a special power-user option for those of you carrying
        energy cells (Vortex cell, kralox cell, etc). If you type the
        word "cell" at the item number prompt, then LOD will automatically
        pick up all ammo at the current location and charge your energy
        cell with it.


        On the Kill obj (K), Pick Up (P), and Drop (D) commands, you can
        say "ALL" when prompted for an item number and LOD will attempt the
        command on all available items.

Section 3.1: The Basics of Combat

       Combat is a fact of life -- the wastelands are not a safe place. This
chapter has been assembled to briefly explain the most popular combat styles
and tactics. Those who do not posess a thorough understanding of the aspects
of modern combat tactics will not survive long.

       Under most circumstances you encounter, combat will occur in two
distinct phases: Long Range and Close Combat. Understanding the different
aspects of these two phases is essential to your success.

       LONG RANGE COMBAT occurs when the participants are at a significant
distance. Several options are available at this phase, the most common of
which are firing a ranged weapon or throwing a radiation grenade at the
enemy. In most cases once one of these options is executed, combat will
proceed to the close combat phase.

       CLOSE COMBAT occurs when the opponents are engaged in a hand-to-hand
situation. Either the fist is used to strike blows or (perferably) a bladed
weapon is used. Close combat continues until one of the participants is
either killed, escapes, or surrenders.

       Now that you understand the basic foundations of combat, you may be
wondering, against whom are you to use your newfound skills? Have no fear,
the wastelands are filled with plenty of opportunities for you to kill

       The most common combat advesary is the monster. "Monster" is a generic
term meaning any intrinsicly hostile creature that habits the wasteland. The
wasteland is full of such individuals. They range from mindless animals such
as the Rad-Hound, to such complex entities as the Priesthood of Loki of whom
posess the power to levitate and the weapondry to incinerate a recruit before
he even knows what happened. Monster encounters generally occur at random -
You'll be walking along and something will just jump out right in front of

       You may also find that at times there may be another inhabitant of
Sacre Base with whom you disagree. Or perhaps someone who's been showing off
some nice weapon or equipment. While it is generally discouraged to go around
"offing" other adventurers, it does happen quite frequently. Please note that
all combat within Sacre Base is strictly prohibited. If you want to kill
somebody, you'll need to find them unprotected in the wastelands. They may
either be camped or holed up inside a fortress. If the latter is the case,
then you will need to infiltrate the fortress in order to reach your

       Throughout the wastelands, you will notice occasional fortresses
constructed to protect the owner and his valuables from outside dangers.
These fortresses may be conquered, but the process of taking a fortress may
be long and arduous. It may even require a team of warriors to drain the
fort's defenses to the point that they may be breached. Taking a fortress
does produce great rewards -- if you don't want to keep the fortress for
yourself, then you may easilly sell it's equipment for a health profit.

Section 3.2: Ranged Weapons

       Long range combat necessitates the existance of long range weapons.
The typical long range weapon contains a sighting system which is fixed
upon the target and then a trigger is depressed which will consequently
fire a projectile of some sort at target.

       The type of projectile and means of propulsion depend on the type of
weapon that is used. For example, a crossbow uses a wire and tension system
to launch a crossbow bolt. A 9mm clip pistol uses an exothermic gunpowder
reaction to propell a bullet at a high velocity. More advanced weapons,
termed "energy weapons" use energy of some means to send forth a stream of
sub-atomic particles (photons, neutrons, and gravitons are commonly used).

       Most LR weapons are capable of launching only one projectile at a
time. However, technologies such as the "three round burst" and "grenade
launched" are also available which provide the user with additional
technologies. We recommend contacting the weaponsmith at ACME weapons for
more information on these advanced subjects.

       The amount of damage done by a long range weapon is determined solely
by the characteristic properties of the device. The user's attributes have
no effect on the extent of the damage inflicted. The accuracy, however, does
depend significantly on the ratio of the dexterity of the user as compared
to the agility of the target. A higher user dexterity will increase
accuracy. A higher target agility will decrease accuracy.

       The other commonly used offensive technique is the throwing of a
radiation grenade in the direction of an enemy. As with conventional weapons,
the damage inflicted is solely dependant on the characteristics of the
grenade. However, due to the large blast radius of a grenade, accuracy is
100% guarenteed.

Section 3.3: Close Combat Weapons

       Close combat weapons (also referred to as "short range weapons" or
"SR" weapons) are used in close combat. This type of weapon is not required
(the user may inflict blows directly with his fist), but is highly
recommended due to the increase in damage inflicted by a bladed weapon.

       Close combat weapons are almost always bladed devices of some sort.
Contrary to ranged weapons, no projectile is fired. Damage is inflicted by
physically striking the target with the weapon.

       Close combat weapons are not necessarilly restricted solely to simple
bladed instruments such as knives or swords. The blade may be charged with
energy which will inflict a superior amount of damage when it comes into
contact with the target. These types of weapons are referred to as "energy
weapons". Many techniques exist for charging energy weapons. The most common
energy weapons are the ElectoBlade, ElectroSword, and ElectroLance. They are
the energy weapon version of the Dagger, Sword, and Razorlance respectively.

       The damage inflicted by close combat weapons is proportional not only
to the characteristic properties of the weapon itself, but also the strength
of the user. Is a general rule, as the strength of the user doubles, the
damage infliction will increase by approximately 30%.

       As with ranged weapons, accuracy of close combat weapons depends on
the user's dexterity in relation to the target's agility. A high dexterity
will produce superior accuracy, while a high agility of the target will
degrade accuracy.

Section 3.4: Procurement of Weapons

       Several popular LR and SR weapons are stocked at the stores in Sacre
Base. It is highly recommended that you stop by these stores and obtain
weapons before proceeding into the wasteland.

       NOTE: The damage levels listed in the SR weapons store are the basic
damage levels of the weapon. Remember, SR (short range or close combat)
weapons perform increased damage if the user has increased strength. Thus, if
your strength is above average, then the damage done will be greater than the
base levels listed in the SR weapons store.

       IMPORTANT: You must Q)-Equip your weapons before they will be enabled
in combat. Simply carrying around a weapon in your inventory will not do - it
must be equipped. To equip a weapon, press "Q" from the wastelands menu. Then
select the appropriate choice (C for Close or R for Ranged) and select the
desired weapon from your inventory.

       Weapons may also be obtained from wasteland inhabitants. Occasionally,
you may encounter a creature that has a particularly desirable weapon. There
are two common ways of obtaining a weapon from the monster. The least risky
is to purchase the weapon. Most, but not all, monsters will readilly sell
their weapon for a reasonable sum of money. The other common method is to
kill the monster and pick up the weapon when he drops it upon the wasteland.

       The GS-224 Laptop and C-Stats ROM can prove useful in determining
various properties of weapons. It is recommended that you pick up a laptop
and C-Stats at your earliest convenience from the computer store in sacre
base. C-Stats will report the base damage levels, ammunition requirements,
strength multiplier, and any special features of your weapons.

Section 3.5: Ammunition

       Some weapons require ammunition. The best way to discover what
ammunition a weapon requires is to view it's description with the V)iew
command at store. You can also use a laptop equipped with the C-Stats rom
to determine the ammunition requirements.

       If you use a weapon that requires ammunition, then you must carry
around one or more ammunition pack(s) in your inventory. These packs will
automatically be used to supply the weapon with energy. You do not need
to explicitly "load" weapon; just keep an ammo pack in your inventory and it
will be done automatically.

       A chart of common weapons and ammunition types follows. This chart is
not exhaustive and many weapons and ammunition types not listed may be
located on various wasteland inhabitants.

Type 1: Crossbow Bolts     SR: None
                           LR: Crossbow

Type 2: 9mm clip           SR: None
                           LR: Clip Pistol, Uzi 9mm

Type 3: Power Pack         SR: Electroblade, Electrosword, Electrolance
                           LR: Phaser-1,2,3 Comp Blaster

Type 4: Grav Pack          SR: None known
                           LR: GravBlaster

Type 5: Plasma Pack        SR: None known
                           LR: PlasmaBlaster

Type 6: Neutron Pack       SR: Neutron Sabre
                           LR: Neutron Rifle

       Reports of another type of energy, termed the "cell", have been heard
from adventurers returning from the wastelands. Cells appear to be capable of
storing energy in a generic format, and supplying whatever energy your
particular weapons require. Hence, a cell may be capable of supplying both
power pack energy to an electroblade, as well as gravitons to a gravblaster.
Cells only work on "energy" type weapons. They cannot supply 9mm bullets or
crossbow bolts for example.

Section 3.6: Shields and the Aux Weapon

       In addition to equipping a close weapon, there is an additional slot
in which you may equip an auxilliary weapon or a shield. This slot is
referred to as the "aux weapon" slot. Typically, the item in this slot is
carried in the fighter's left hand, while the primary close weapon is carried
in the right hand.

       If a close range weapon is equipped into the aux weapon slot, then you
may switch weapons with the "E" command in the close combat menu. This is
useful in case you have an ammo-requiring close combat weapon equipped and
the weapon runs out of ammo. If you have a non-ammo-requiring weapon in the
aux weapon slot, then you may use the "E" command to switch between them.

       If a shield is equipped in the aux weapon slot, then you will gain
some additional defensive capabilities. There is a percentage chance that the
enemy's attack will impact your shield rather than your armor or body. In
this capacity, the shield acts as sort of an armor suppliment. You may also
P)arry the enemy if a shield is equipped.

       Using the P)arry option in close combat increases the odds of your
sheild deflecting a blow by 400%. However, you will inflict no damage while
parrying. Parrying may be of use in a situation where a player may wish to
cause the enemy to expend his ammunition reserves. Once the opponent's
ammunition falls critically low, the player would cease parrying and begin
normal attacks against the enemy, who now has a depleted ammo supply.

Section 3.7: Armor

       Armor can be very beneficial to combat. In the case that an enemy's
blow comes in contact with your person, then there is a percentage chance
that your armor may absorb this blow, thus protecting your precious hit
points. Many armor types are available. There are two basic properties of
armor which are of interest: the deflection percent, and the deflection
point capacity.

       Deflection Percent is the percentage chance that your armor will
absorb a blow that would normally hit your body. For example, if your armor
had 50% deflection, then you could expect roughly half of the blows to impact
the armor and half to impact you directly.

       Damage point capacity is the number of points of damage that the
armor has remaining before it is useless. Each time your armor is hit, it
will lose some of these points. When they reach zero, your armor will no
longer deflect blows at all.

       Some armor types may be recharged when their deflection points are
below maximum. The device use to recharge them is usually referred to as a
"recharger". Rechargers are expensive and difficult to obtain, but you may
happen across one in your travels.

       The C-Stats ROM can be used to determine the various properties of
your armor. The GS-224 Laptop and the C-Stats ROM may be purchased at the
Sacre Base computer store.

Section 3.8: Long Range Combat in Depth

       This simply fires your ranged weapon at the enemy. You must have a
ranged weapon equipped to use this option. If the weapon requires ammunition,
then you will need to have some ammo in your inventory.

CLOSE COMBAT (hand-to-hand): "H"
       This will bypass your long range combat options and proceed directly
to close (hand-to-hand) combat.

       You throw a radiation grenade in the direction of the enemy. Grenade
hits are guarenteed 100% due to the increased blast size. After the grenade
has detonated, close combat will automatically enagage.

RUN: "R"
       You attempt to use the age old strategy of running away. If your enemy
has no ranged weapons, he will probably let you go. But, if the enemy does
have a ranged weapon, he may try to take a shot at you.

       Give him half of your money and he'll probably let you go.

       Display your opponent's stats.

       Display your current stats.

       For some monsters that look somewhat talkative, this option will
appear and you can talk to the monster. Odds are you can't talk him out of
killing you, but you may be able to gain some vital information from the

       Sometimes, you'll notice that a particular enemy has an item that
would be of value to you. Rather than fight for it, you may opt for the more
civilized approach of buying the item. However, monsters are not usually as
generous as the Sacre Base supply station and their prices may be quite high!

Section 3.9: Close Combat in Depth

       Charge at the monster with your weapon; Inflict as much damage as
possible while protecting yourself from injury.

       Commit yourself to fighting until death. No aborting! You'll receive a
minimal (about 10%) combat advantage when berserking, but you lose all chance
of stopping in case you begin to lose!

       Give him some money and hope he goes away.

RUN: "R"
       Try to run away. Your chances of successfully running depend on your
agility in relation to your opponents dexterity. Monsters equipped with LR
weapons may shoot you in the back while you're running.

       Display your opponent's stats.

       Display your current stats.

       If you are carrying a warper, you can push it's button and get out of
combat fast!

       There's two combat menus - this toggles between them.

       Exchange your primary weapon with your auxiliary weapon. Usefull if
your primary weapon runs out of ammunition. This option may not be used if
you have a shield equipped in your auxilliary weapon slot.

       Use a medkit dose. Your odds of successfully using a medkit dose depend
on your agility as opposed to your opponents dexterity.

       If your weapon has the special "deathpulse" feature, then you use this
option to attack in deathpulse mode. Deathpulse conversions are available
from ACME Weapons, Inc.

       If you have a laptop with the C-Stats ROM loaded on it, then you may
use this command to get a C-Stats report of your enemy. The C-Stats report
may be useful to determine if your enemy has nay special features on his
weapons and/or armor that won't show up in the "V)iew Opponent" command.

       If you have a shield equipped in your aux weapon slot, then you can
parry against the opponent. Parrying consists of attempting to block the
attack using your shield. Parrying inflicts no damage on the enemy, but it
increases the odds of your shield deflecting a blow by 400%. Since parrying
inflicts no damage, it is of questionable tactical value.

       If you are carrying a FlashBomb, then you can throw it at the enemy
to improve the odds of escape.

Section 3.10: Locating Other Human Warriors to Fight

       As mentioned previously, you may find yourself in a position where
you wish to fight another human warrior. This can sometimes be a difficult
process, as most persons are reasonably skilled at protecting their
location from possible attackers. However, in the event you do wish to
fight another human, these are the steps that should be taken:

       1) Enter Sacre Base and thoroughly check out the Sacre Base map. Look
and see if your target has camped inside Sacre Base. If he has, then you
will, of course, be unable to attack him. You might write him a message
letting him know how much of a coward he is for hiding out in Sacre Base.

       2) Exit Sacre Base and look around the immediate area. Perhaps your
target didn't make it back into Sacre Base before running out of time. Or
perhaps he just didn't know any better.

       3) If you have a scanner device or a LR-Scan, then you might want
to give it a shot. Both of these devices are capable of detecting players
at medium-long ranges. If you posess a tricorder, then it may be of great
use as well.

       4) If you happen across a fortress, then your target may be within.
Use the G)o command to visit the fortress and use V)iew to get a look at
it. If the owner listed is your target or one of his teammates, then your
target may reside within. In this case, your only chance of knowing for
sure is to attack the fortress and conquer it.

       5) If your you happen across a city, then your target may be camped
within it. Explore the city and find out. Unlike Sacre Base, not all cities
have a "no combat" restriction. If you find your target in the Death Warrior
HQ, for example, then the Death Warriors will probably be more than happy
to watch you battle to the death.

       6) Explore the wastelands, repeating steps 2 through 5 until you
find him or get tired of looking.

       7) You can always write your target a message telling him you want
to fight. If he's courageous enough, then he'll probably write you a message
with a pre-determined location to fight. If he refuses, make it publicly
known that he has chickened out. Usually someone will come forth to defend
his honor.

       There are a few special things to take into consideration when
fighting another human. This type of combat is generally referred to as
"player-vs-player" combat. Firstly and most importantly is the experience is
calculated differently.

       When you defeat another player, experience is rewarded according
to the following: "The surplus of the loser's experience over the winners
experience, plus 10% of the losers total experience." Mathematically, this
could be written as the following:

       EXP gained = Max(0,loser_exp-winner_exp) + loser_exp*0.10

       For example, say you have 10,000 exp and you kill someone who has
15,000 exp. In this case, you have attacked a player with GREATER experience
than yourself. The math works out as follows:

       Max(0,15000-10000) + 15000*0.10    { initial formula }
       Max(0,5000) + 1500                 { ... simplify }
       5000+1500                          { ... simplify }
       6500                               { the answer }

       Now, let's look at an example of attacking a player with lesser
experience. Let's assume you have 15,000 EXP and you attack someone with
10,000 EXP. The math works out as follows:

       Max(0,10000-15000) + 10000*0.10    { initial formula }
       Max(0,-5000) + 1000                { ... simplify }
       0+1000                             { ... simplify }
       1000                               { the answer }

       As you can see, you are rewarded greatly for attacking someone who
is more experienced than you. However, the rewards are fairly poor for
attacking someone who is lesser than you. This is purposely done to
discourage humongous players from attacking novices, and to prevent a few
certain "cheats" that have been used in the past.

Section 4.1: Fortresses

      Fortresses may be constructed by the prosperous adventurer. There are
  several reasons a fortress is useful and several purposes a fortress can

          The wasteland isn't a very nice place. Hiding out in your fortress
          can be a great defence against monsters and "competitive" players.

          Every fortress includes a storage vault. You can drop off as many
          objects as you like. As long as your fortress remains intact, your
          valuables are safe.

          You can designate portions of your medical doses on hand and/or
          energy on hand to be "for sale". Players may then visit your
          fortress and purchase medkits/ammo for the price that you decide.

          If you pick a good location and set your prices right, players
          may opt to shop your at your fortress rather than a pricey
          town. If your fort is equipped with an energy-producing reactor,
          then you can make a healthy profit selling energy!

          All forts are equipped with a "sales counter" capable of holding
          any eight standard devices. You decide what to sell and what
          price to sell it at. Someone in dire need of a Warper may pay
          you a healthy price for one!

          It should be noted that when trading, other players are held outside
          the gates of your fortress. They aren't allowed access to your
          vault, treasury, etc.

          If you are a level eight player or above, then you have probably
          already realized that if you stay in any of the towns, you will be
          charged rent. And this rent does get expensive.

          So, the solution - build your own base and stay in there. It's
          safer than hanging out on the wastelands and you don't have to
          shell out the cash to pay rent every day.

          You can install factories in your fort for producing a variety
          of items such as mines. A factory produces one item per night and
          can pay for itself very quickly!

          A special "scavenger droid" has been developed especially for
          fortress use. Each night, the scavenger droid will venture outside
          your fortress and locate any "junk" laying around. The scavenger
          droid will sell these items as salvage at 10% of full price!

      All that sounds pretty nice, doesn't it? Well, it sounds nice to just
  about everyone else as well. So the point is, you'd better protect your
  fortress pretty well or somebody uninvited will move in! (and move you
  out!) Fortress defensive options:

          You can dig a moat around your fortress. When somebody wants to
          attack, they'll have to get through it. Several different moats
          are available - from simple water with a crocodile to flesh-
          dissolving acid!

          Every fortress should purchase a defense field immediately. The
          defense field is essentially the fortress's "hit points". When
          an attacker defeats the defense field, he is inside. Defense fields
          recharge before battle from the fortress's energy stores.

          Also, do note that if your base runs out of energy, then there will
          be nothing to recharge your defense field if you are attacked.

          So what happens while somebody is hacking away at your defense
          field? You have a big gun that shoots at him. The better the
          fortress weapon, the more damage will be inflicted as the attacker
          attempts to beat the defense field.

          All this stuff takes power. Your defense field requires energy
          to recharge, your base weapon requires energy to fire, etc. So you
          might want to have a reactor to build up your daily energy

          These nifty items will take any mines from your forts storage room
          and scatter them around your fortress in a random manner. Very
          useful for automatically creating mine fields.

          Proximity sensors - Your fort is equipped with a weapon, right?
          Well, why not blast everyone who walks by!!! The Prox sensor will
          let you set your fortress weapon to attack all players who come
          within a pre-determined distance of your fort.

          Prox sensors are nice, but there isn't much profit in just blasting
          people. How about charging them a "toll" fee. If they pay, they
          can continue unharmed. If not..... BLAM!

      FORTRESS SFG (Stealth Field Generator)
          Hides your fortress from the view of adjacent map cells. The only
          way someone can see your fortress is by practically standing right
          on top of it!

          RoboDefenders protect your fort if the defense field falls. They
          are basically just a robot programmed to defend your fortress at
          all costs.

      Now, the most important thing you have to worry about is supplying your
  base with energy. Without energy, your base defense field cannot charge and
  your weapon cannot fire. So, how do you get energy?

       METHOD #1:
          Buy, steal, or otherwise "acquire" ammunition packs. Take the ammo
          packs into your fortress configuration room and discharge them
          into the fortress power banks.

          Any type of energy-based ammunition will do - Power Packs, Grav
          Packs, etc. But the projectile-ammo is useless (how would you
          discharge some crossbow bolts???)

       METHOD #2:
          Buy a reactor (described above) and it will generate a generous
          amount of energy each day.

      Note: You will want to make sure you place a lot of energy in your
  fortress when you create it -- There is a tactic becoming increasingly
  popular where players will lay siege to a fort by repeatedly attacking
  it and running from it, thus draining the fortresses energy reserves
  and making it vulnerable to attack!

Section 4.2: Fortress Trading

      As mentioned above, trading is possible with fortresses. By using the
  FORTRESS TRADE CONTROL menu, you can set various options about what you
  wish to buy or sell. Here are some quick hints:

          First you'll have to "dump" a medkit into your fortress medkit
          supply. You can do this from the fortress configuration menu. Then
          go back to the fortress trading menu and you can decide how much of
          your medkit stocks you wish to put up for sale and how much you
          wish to charge per dosage.

      SELLING ENERGY (Power Packs)
          Like with medkits, go into the fortress configuration menu and
          dump some energy into the fortress energy banks (unless you already
          have a plentiful supply of energy in the banks). Then go back
          to the fortress trade menu and select how much energy you wish to
          sell and at what price. Don't sell all your energy, because you
          would leave your base defenseless.

      BUYING/SELLING THE THREE PRODUCTS (minerals, herbs, fuel)
          Not fully implemented yet. Feel free to experiment with the options.

          Each base has a sales counter. The base owner may place up to eight
          items in this sales counter. Other players may then come and buy
          them from the base.

          If you equip your base with a teleporter, then you can charge other
          players to use your teleporter. You will receive money both when
          players depart from and arrive to your base. (Note: You may wish
          to use the "List with traders union" so people know where your
          base is)

Appendix 1: Common Close Combat Weapons

      This is pretty lame. Sort of a cross between a butter knife and a steak
  knife, it doesn't inflict much damage. However, if you're on a budget, it
  is better than nothing.

      Basically, the Knife designed specifically for combat use.

      If you don't know what a sword is, go back to grade school....

      The lance is a special variation of a spear. It has razor sharp blades
  on both ends. The user usually holds the lance from the middle and can twirl
  it in many directions, hitting the attacker with the blades mounted on each

      The electroblade is a dagger that has been electrically charged. It
  gets it's power from a POWER PACK and when the target is struck, the
  electrical charge dissipates into them, doing enhanced damage. This weapon
  does require ammo (POWER PACKS) and will do reduced damage without them.

      The electrosword is an electrically charged version of the sword. Like
  the electroblade, it require POWER PACK ammo to function.

      The electrolance is the electrically charged companion of the razor
  lance. When properly loaded with a power pack, it can do massive amounts of

      A recent experimental prototype using Neutron technology. The Neutron
  sabre is a sword-type weapon that uses neutron energy to charge its
  blade. Produces an intense burning effect on whatever it hits. Uses
  NEUTRON PACKs as armor.

Appendix 2: Common Ranged Weapons

      A purely manually operated weapon. The operator pulls back the string,
  sets in a crossbow bolt, aims and fires. It requires crossbow bolts for

      A 9mm clip pistol. You slap a clip in, take aim, and blast a hole in
  your enemy. Uses 9mm clips for ammo.

      A hand held phaser weapon. Sends a charged proton beam into the enemy.
  Requires power packs for ammo.

      More powerful version of phaser-1.

      More powerful version of phaser-2.

      The most powerful power-pack weapon built. Similar to a phaser, but
  uses higher efficiency circuitry to achieve a stronger effect.

      This weapon sends a beam of gravitons against the target. The gravitons
  create an immense gravitational disruption in the target's cells, causing
  the gravitational forces to rip his cell structure apart. Uses gravblast

      Sends plasma energy into the enemy. Uses plasma clips for ammo.

      Experimental prototype. Uses Neutron packs as ammunition to produce
  massive damage on whatever it hits.

      This is a package of grenades. It is neither a long range nor a close
  range weapon. When you enter combat, you have the choice of throwing a
  grenade at your foe instead of firing a weapon. Grenades have the advantage
  of almost always hitting the opponent and their damage can go right through
  an opponent's armor.

Appendix 3: Misc. Items

      This two-way field radio can be used to tie into the base's
communications system. You can send and leave messages just as if you were
sitting in the safe comfort of the base.

      The LR Scan is a very useful device. What it does is tie into the ZR327L
military surveillance satellite and generate a satellite picture of the
surrounding terrain. Very handy if you get yourself lost.

      The medical kit contains a number of self-contained "healing" drugs.
One quick shot from one of these drugs can do wonders for a person's
injuries. (These wonder drugs were actually created in 1973, but held up
in various government agencies for 70 or so years)

      A package of poorly tasting, but very nourishing troop rations. Mostly
gathered from the remains of dead beasts, it tastes pretty bad, but is
very necessary to your survival.

      This is a hand-help radar scanning unit. It can give you a quick idea
of the type of terrain around you as well as locate prominent establishments
such as towns.

      The SFG is a unique product of modern technology. It allows you to
create a field around your person which can either interfere positively
(amplify) or negatively (cancel out) the noise that you create. Since many of
the wasteland creatures are dependant upon noise as a means of locating
targets, you can either increase or decrease your encounter chances with this

      The GS-224 Laptop is a very valuable instrument when equipped with the
necessary programs. You can buy a laptop at sacre base as well as software
for the laptop. I'll leave it to you to discover what the laptop does. (Try
talking to TROY HADLEY at the Sacre Base Tavern)

      In case you should need to cross some rivers or lakes, then the
Miniraft may be of some use to you.

Appendix 4: Credits

   SHANE CHAMBERS       ANSI and EGA graphics designer.

   MARK COX             Author of MOD-OBJ, the code that was used to provide
                        .MOD music support to LOD.

   CHRIS AZURE          Composer of most of our MOD music.

   CHRISTOPHER DARQUE   Lots of EGA pictures, some plot ideas, and some
                        great beta testing.

   RICK ARMSTRONG       EGA Pictures

   DAVE ROSSON          EGA Pictures

   DOUG MERHA           EGA Pictures

   RAY BACON            Set up the LAND echo for us!

Gterm: The LOD EGA Graphic Terminal

       In case you aren't using Gterm at this time, then this document is
provided to explain GTERM's benefits, requirements, and capabilities. If
you are using GTERM, then you need not read this file.


       First of all, we need to make sure your machine is equipped to run
GTERM. You need:

       VIDEO: SVGA 800x600x256 or above; Minimum of 500k of video memory
       RAM:   about 384k or so
       DISK:  ten megs would give you plenty of room
       MODEM: 2400+ recommended
       CPU:   386 processor required.


       What is Gterm? Well, it is an SVGA graphical terminal for the Land Of
Devastation door game. Basically, it takes the plain ascii/ansi interface
and adds some nice graphics to enhance playing. Instead of seeing little ".."
and "MM" symbols for the wastelands map, you will see 16 color ega pictures
in their place.
       GTERMs graphics basically cover two areas: The map grid and the
inventory display. Is explained above, the map grid will display the map
in full EGA color with none of those bland looking symbols. Similarly, the
inventory display will show you pictures of your inventory rather than
simple text.
       GTERM also includes a few other utilities - a rankings capture, LR
scan capture, and a rankings profile to name a few. These are explained
further in the GTERM documentation.
       It should also be noted that on an 8mhz+ machine, display may be
actually FASTER than the normal text. The graphical interface uses a
binary method to transfer data between LOD and GTERM versus the text method
used by a normal terminal program.


       1] As stated above, your map display and inventory listings will
          be displayed using EGA pictures rather than text symbols.

       2] Certain ANSI displays used in LOD (i.e. the color menus and such)
          are also stored with GTERM. LOD can "call up" these pictures so
          they will appear instantly rather than having to send all of the
          ANSI data across the modem. For 2400 baud and below users, this
          is a great speed up.

       3] A few miscellaneous utilities - a rankings capture, a rankings
          profile capture, etc.

       4] In many cases, playing using GTERM on a slow modem (i.e. 2400
          or lower) will result in faster game play.

       5] Monster pictures - we have drawn up several nice pictures of the
          monsters which you encounter out in the wastelands. These SVGA
          pictures pop up over the map window to show you our idea of
          what you are fighting.

       6] ADLIB/SOUNDBLASTER support. GTERM supports full MOD music. There
          is quite a large musical score for LOD, composed primarily by
          Chris Azure.


       Basically, the simplest way to set up GTERM is by installing it as
an "external protocol" to your terminal program. Then, just select that
protocol when you go into LOD and you will be up and running in full EGA


       Most boards that have LOD up for download also have GTERM sitting
around somewhere. If you can't find it or you want the most recent version,
then you may contact the authors bbs at:

       The Not-Yet-Named bbs
       (520) 544-4655  1200/2400/9600  (V.32)
       (520) xxx-xxxx  2400/9600/14400 (USR DUAL) (temporarily down)
Whats New!

This file is intended for players and will contain a listing of major
playing differences from previous versions. This is for players who have
played before and want to know what has changed that will effect


[Version 5.11]

This release was mostly just a bugfix and general update, so there are not
many significant changes to game-play.

Two new games are available in the Casino - Double-Up and Video Poker.

You can now steal from camped players.

[Version 5.00]

This release has some MAJOR changes. The user documentation has been almost
completely rewritten and I suggest you stop by the doc center and give it a
thorough reading.

You'll probably find a few new locations out there, including the much
anticipated Holostore and Sam's Super Surplus Stores.

The "towns" all have seperate town maps now -- there is no "base operations"
menu for the towns anymore. To log off in a town, just enter the town and use
the A)-camp command. If you camp in Sacre Base, then you will be
automatically protected against attacks.

There are a lot more weapons upgrades available at ACME weapons. Some of the
new weapon features may be found on monsters and/or forsale at various
locations as well.

Several new devices and items have been added. Of particular interest is
the Warper Waypoint Manager, Tricorder, and Hypervault. There are also
several new ROM cartridges.

The Casino has some new slot machines and some additional trivia tables.
Playing the slots CAN be very profitable, especially if you find a certain
item that will throw the odds in your favor!

If you die while attacking a fortress, then the fortress will take any
inventory that you drop and place it in the fort's storage room. So, be
CAREFUL while attacking forts!

[Version 4.20]

The major changes for this version is the switch to 800x600x256 SVGA mode
for GTERM and LOD/VGA. Some bugs have also been fixed.

The MAPPER device now has a simple ANSI format so that non-gterm users may
now make some use of it.

ANSI players now have a 5x5 map grid option. You can toggle between 5x5 and
3x3 in the ansi options section of the troop quarters.

[Version 4.10]

There are special new rules for experience in player-vs-player combat. This
ONLY applies to combat with another PLAYER, not to combat with monsters.
Experience is calculated according to the formula:
   Exp_gain = Max(0,Loser_Exp-Winner_Exp) + Loser_exp*0.10
See the "Combat Basics" section of the user docs for more specifics.

[Version 4.00]

For REGISTERED systems ONLY: Find the new ACME weapons store. There are
cool new weapons plus a full-time gunsmith on hand to make some unique new
mods to your existing weapons. [Someone at the Death Warrior HQ may be able
to give directions]

Those in need of the Puritron CPU might find interest in knowing that Loki
has it. This quest is somewhat more involved than previous puritron quests,
so be prepared to think a little more. Seek out one of Loki's High Priests
for an item that might be used to summon Loki himself.

Visit Defs Sacre in the Sacre Base Tavern and inquire about the elementals.
You won't regret it.

Form teams! All stores will now give teams with 2 or more members a 5% team

The Scanner device has been revised. It is now much more useful and reports
bearings correctly.

Take a look at the laptop commands "help" and (if you have it) "cstats".

I raised the default experience table quite a bit for higher level
characters. People beyond level 8 will notice a difference.

Experience for zone 3 + monsters has been tightened up a bit to slow down
advancement of mega-huge players.

Massive changes to fortresses. Many new items available, expanded trading
potential, etc.

(Default Dataset) Users may only train ("go up a level") at Sacre Base.
Other cities (Freedom City, DWHQ, whatever) just don't have the knowledge,
resources, or the desire to train you.

(Default Dataset) The Sacre Base section has been changed around a bit to
spice things up a little.

(Default Dataset) Terra Labs is now out there.... try to find it and it's
supply of Ultrawarpers, Ultrachargers, and Ultracloaks!

[Version 3.80]

If you die and chose to CREATE a new character rather than restarting
from a saved clone, then your saved clone (if you have one) will be lost

Mines now have a "warning" feature which can be turned on or off.

EMWarp programs have been shown to occasionally "malfunction" when a mine
goes off!

Kill, Inc may have some new items in stock....

Those having trouble crossing the lava river near Xeboc's lair may wish to
seek the location of the Fang Gang City, Blood Lust. There is someone there
who can provide you with a clue about what to do next.

Talking with the Horticulture Center manager again my provide some insight
into one of the new special quests.

[Version 3.70]

Internal bug fixes & cosmetic upgrades.

A few more people in the taverns....

A new ROM you might be able to find.

When the puritron is found, the wasteland will be "cleansed" of impurities.

Players with fortresses should find many new and interesting items available
at the fortress stores!

The character display has been improved to look a bit better. Users who
prefer the older display may set their preference using the ansi options
menu in the troop quarters.

Fortresses will now let their owners enter without a password requirement.

The final encounter with Xeboc may bit a bit more difficult than you

Towns now carry specific inventories.

During a storm that lasted several weeks, several lakes were formed onto
the wasteland. (well, how else do you want me to explain this???!!!)

Reports of a few new towns were detected.

The people of Freedom City have just gotten a bit more particular about their

[QuickStart Docs]

With every game, there are those people who will not take the time to
read the game docs before playing... This file is for them!


Ok. LOD is your basic RPG. You start out in Sacre Base where you may
buy/sell weapons, talk to people, etc.

You start out with a few thousand bucks, a medkit, and some rations. First
thing you should do is get yourself a weapon. Go to the supply station, then
to the SR (short range) weapons store and buy the best you can afford.

Make sure to EQUIP your new weapon either in the T]roop quarters menu or
once you get to the wasteland.

Then go out into the wasteland and kick some butt. Stay close to Sacre
Base and remember it's location. The "easy" monsters are around the base. If
you stray away too far, you'll start running into the hard monsters.

Once you've gotten enough money to buy some better equipment (or you run out
of medkit applications), head back to sacre base and stock up.


Combat is played in two stages; Long range when you first see your enemy and
short range when you are in close combat.

If you don't have a LR weapon, then you can't do a whole lot at long range.
Just hit hand to hand and fight closely.

You can "surrender" by giving your opponent half your money (providing you
have a decent amount of money). Or you can "run" in which your odds are
based on your agility.

That's all of the essentials. I encourage you to go and read the complete
user manual. There is some very important information in it.

Scott Baker, Author of LOD.
The following is a little walkthrough of a new player. If you are still
fuzzy about how to play LOD, then the following should help you out a little

Please note, for space-saving reasons, I have played out the game in LOD's
worst graphics mode - for most, people, you will either be using the enhanced
ANSI display or the full EGA graphics display (with GTERM).

Standby, looking for you...

Look's like you are new here. I'll have to ask a few questions and then you
can be on your way.

What would you like to be called around here?
Waste-M-All, Correct (Y/N) ? y

OK. You're all taken care of now.
You might want to stop by the supply station and pick up some equipment.

Welcome to version 2.10! Many enhancements for this version. Players will
probably want to go to the documentation menu and have a look at the updates

Remember, the farther you stray from Sacre Base, the worse monsters you will

This copy registered to : Scott Baker
Please thank your sysop for registering his copy

13 new messages are present.

Base Operations
   [S] Enter the supply station.
   [T] Enter troop quarters.
   [D] Documentation Menu.
   [P] Commodities trading.
   [G] Base Casino.
   [M] Mail Room.
   [U] Puritron Room.
   [C] View your character.
   [W] Enter the wasteland.
   [Q] Exit Game.

Base Operations Selection ]Supply Station
Supply Station
   [W] Weapons (Short Range).
   [L] Weapons (Long Range).
   [A] Armor.
   [M] Miscellaneous.
   [B] Ammunition
   [E] Computer Store
   [S] Sell something to store
   [C] View your character.
   [Q] Base Operations.

Supply Station Selection ]SR Weapons Store
Short Range Weapons store
   [L] List SR weapons available.
   [B] Purchase a weapon.
   [S] View data on a weapon.
   [C] View your character.
   [Q] Supply Station.

SR Weapons Store Selection ]Buy
Purchase which weapon number (Q=Quit,?=List) ? ?
## Name               Cost     Damage Ammunition Req'd
-- ------------------ -------- ------ ----------------
 1 Knife                   350    1-3 None
 2 Dagger                  500    2-3 None
 3 Sword                  1000    2-5 None
 4 RazorLance             2100    3-7 None
 5 ElectroBlade           7500    4-8 Power Pack
 6 ElectroSword          20000   5-10 Power Pack
 7 ElectroLance          40000   6-12 Power Pack
 8 Neutron Sabre        250000  14-22 Neutron Pack

Purchase which weapon number (Q=Quit,?=List) ? 3
Purchase a Sword (Y/N) ? y
Ok. It's yours.
Short Range Weapons store
   [L] List SR weapons available.
   [B] Purchase a weapon.
   [S] View data on a weapon.
   [C] View your character.
   [Q] Supply Station.

SR Weapons Store Selection ]Supply Station
Supply Station
   [W] Weapons (Short Range).
   [L] Weapons (Long Range).
   [A] Armor.
   [M] Miscellaneous.
   [B] Ammunition
   [E] Computer Store
   [S] Sell something to store
   [C] View your character.
   [Q] Base Operations.

Supply Station Selection ]Miscellaneous Store
Misc. store
   [L] List Items available.
   [B] Buy item.
   [S] View data on item.
   [C] View your character.
   [Q] Supply Station.

Misc. Store Selection ]Buy
Purchase which item number (Q=Quit,?=List) ? ?
## Name               Cost
-- ------------------ --------
 1 Radio                  1000
 2 LR Scan               32000
 3 MedKit/10               750
 4 MedKit/15              1500
 5 MedKit/25              5000
 6 MedKit/50             10000
 7 Rations/5               250
 8 Rations/10              750
 9 Rations/20             5000
10 Scanner               25000
11 Stealth Field          2000
12 Recharger/3          250000
13 Pylon Key               250

Purchase which item number (Q=Quit,?=List) ? 3
Purchase a MedKit/10 (Y/N) ? y
Ok. It's yours.
Misc. store
   [L] List Items available.
   [B] Buy item.
   [S] View data on item.
   [C] View your character.
   [Q] Supply Station.

Misc. Store Selection ]Supply Station
Supply Station
   [W] Weapons (Short Range).
   [L] Weapons (Long Range).
   [A] Armor.
   [M] Miscellaneous.
   [B] Ammunition
   [E] Computer Store
   [S] Sell something to store
   [C] View your character.
   [Q] Base Operations.

Supply Station Selection ]Base Operations
Base Operations
   [S] Enter the supply station.
   [T] Enter troop quarters.
   [D] Documentation Menu.
   [P] Commodities trading.
   [G] Base Casino.
   [M] Mail Room.
   [U] Puritron Room.
   [C] View your character.
   [W] Enter the wasteland.
   [Q] Exit Game.

Base Operations Selection ]Troop Quarters
Troop Quarters
   [O] Combat Mode Selection.
   [L] List player rankings.
   [X] Toggle expert mode.
   [A] Ansi options.
   [T] Tavern.
   [I] Investment options.
   [M] Inventory Maintenance.
   [E] Equip Character.
   [V] View Log.
   [C] View your character.
   [Q] Base Operations.

Troop Quarters Selection ]View Character
Character Profile
Name..........: WASTE-M-ALL       Weapon (Close): None.
Hit Points....: 25/25             Weapon (Range): None.
Strength......: 21                Armor.........: None.
Dexterity.....: 21                Med Lining....: None.
Agility.......: 21                B.A.D. Device.: None.
Experience....: 0                 Aux Close Weap: None.
Money.........: 250
Minerals......: 0 cm3
Fuel..........: 0 cm3
Herbs.........: 0 cm3
Special Quests: -------
  1>MedKit/10        2>Rations/5        3>Sword            4>MedKit/10        
  5>                 6>                 7>                 8>                 
  9>                 10>                11>                12>                
  13>                14>                15>                16>                

°°°±±±²²² Press Any Key ²²²±±±°°°
Troop Quarters
   [O] Combat Mode Selection.
   [L] List player rankings.
   [X] Toggle expert mode.
   [A] Ansi options.
   [T] Tavern.
   [I] Investment options.
   [M] Inventory Maintenance.
   [E] Equip Character.
   [V] View Log.
   [C] View your character.
   [Q] Base Operations.

Troop Quarters Selection ]Enter Tavern
Welcome to the Tavern!

You casually enter the Tavern and begin to look around. While you are here,
You notice the following people:

   1> Defs Sacre
   2> Jeffrey
   3> Troy Hadley
   4> Mean Max
   5> Captain Targon

Who do you want to talk to ? 1
Howdy there. NAME's Defs Sacre. I used to be a warrior, but now I've retired
and serve as bartender here at the base. I know lots about MONSTERS, ARMOR,
WEAPONS, etc. What you want to know about?

NAME's Defs Sacre, like I said.

The wasteland is populated by many different creatures. Most of the ones
around the base here are pretty wimpy and some are even unarmed. But once you
go farther out, things get real nasty real quick. What MONSTER do you want to
know about?

ANT Men? They are a strange lot. Kind of a cross between an ANT and a man.
Nobody knows how it happened - probably more radiation caused mutation.

I know lots about WEAPONS. What do you want to know about? SHORT range or
LONG range WEAPONS? I also have used some GRENADES in my time.

There are lots of SHORT range WEAPONS. My favorite is the Slicer-Dicer. They
don't sell them around here - I found it on some kinda robot a ways away from
here. Hell of a battle getting the thing.

Later, dude. Hope to see you again in one piece.

Welcome to the Tavern!

You casually enter the Tavern and begin to look around. While you are here,
You notice the following people:

   1> Defs Sacre
   2> Jeffrey
   3> Troy Hadley
   4> Mean Max
   5> Captain Targon

Who do you want to talk to ? 
Troop Quarters
   [O] Combat Mode Selection.
   [L] List player rankings.
   [X] Toggle expert mode.
   [A] Ansi options.
   [T] Tavern.
   [I] Investment options.
   [M] Inventory Maintenance.
   [E] Equip Character.
   [V] View Log.
   [C] View your character.
   [Q] Base Operations.

Troop Quarters Selection ]Base Operations
Base Operations
   [S] Enter the supply station.
   [T] Enter troop quarters.
   [D] Documentation Menu.
   [P] Commodities trading.
   [G] Base Casino.
   [M] Mail Room.
   [U] Puritron Room.
   [C] View your character.
   [W] Enter the wasteland.
   [Q] Exit Game.

Base Operations Selection ]Wasteland
Enter Wastelands, are you sure (Y/N) ? Yes.
Type "?" for help.

                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,7,5        Health...: 25/25
Ί -- -- || Ί  Type.....: Town         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || 11^|| Ί  Dist/Zone: 0/1
Ί || -- mm Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 227          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,6,5        Health...: 25/25
Ί mm -- -- Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί -- || 11^Ί  Dist/Zone: 1/1
Ί -- || -- Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 227          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,6,6        Health...: 25/25
Ί -- || 11^Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί -- || -- Ί  Dist/Zone: 1/1
Ί || || -- Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 227          Level....: 1


Equip What:
   C-Close Weapon      A - Armor             B - B.A.D. Device
   R-Ranged Weapon     L - Medical Lining    X - Aux Close Weapon

Selection ? Close Weapon
Select which item number (?=List,0=None) ? ?
  1>MedKit/10        2>Rations/5        3>Sword            4>MedKit/10        
  5>                 6>                 7>                 8>                 
  9>                 10>                11>                12>                
  13>                14>                15>                16>                

Select which item number (?=List,0=None) ? 3

Equip What:
   C-Close Weapon      A - Armor             B - B.A.D. Device
   R-Ranged Weapon     L - Medical Lining    X - Aux Close Weapon

Selection ? Quit

                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,6,6        Health...: 25/25
Ί -- || 11^Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί -- || -- Ί  Dist/Zone: 1/1
Ί || || -- Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 227          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,6,7        Health...: 25/25
Ί -- || -- Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || || -- Ί  Dist/Zone: 2/1
Ί mm -- -- Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 226          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,5,7        Health...: 25/25
Ί mm -- || Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || || || Ί  Dist/Zone: 3/1
Ί || mm -- Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 226          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,4,7        Health...: 25/25
Ί MM mm -- Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί MM || || Ί  Dist/Zone: 4/1
Ί MM || mm Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 226          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,4,8        Health...: 25/25
Ί MM || || Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί MM || mm Ί  Dist/Zone: 4/1
Ί MM CC MM Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 226          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,4,9        Health...: 25/25
Ί MM || mm Ί  Type.....: Clone Cntr   St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί MM CC MM Ί  Dist/Zone: 5/1
Ί MM MM MM Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 226          Level....: 1

<*>Enter Town  

Clone Center
   [V] View current clone.
   [D] Delete current clone.
   [S] Swap with clone.
   [M] Make a new clone.
   [C] View your character.
   [Q] Quit to wastelands.

Clone Center Selection ]View current clone
You do not have a clone.

°°°±±±²²² Press Any Key ²²²±±±°°°

Clone Center
   [V] View current clone.
   [D] Delete current clone.
   [S] Swap with clone.
   [M] Make a new clone.
   [C] View your character.
   [Q] Quit to wastelands.

Clone Center Selection ]Make new clone
Cloning yourself will cost $4400. Proceed [Y/N] ? No

Clone Center
   [V] View current clone.
   [D] Delete current clone.
   [S] Swap with clone.
   [M] Make a new clone.
   [C] View your character.
   [Q] Quit to wastelands.

Clone Center Selection ]Quit to wastelands

                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,4,9        Health...: 25/25
Ί MM || mm Ί  Type.....: Clone Cntr   St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί MM CC MM Ί  Dist/Zone: 5/1
Ί MM MM MM Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 226          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,4,8        Health...: 25/25
Ί MM || || Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί MM || mm Ί  Dist/Zone: 4/1
Ί MM CC MM Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 226          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,4,7        Health...: 25/25
Ί MM mm -- Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί MM || || Ί  Dist/Zone: 4/1
Ί MM || mm Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 226          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,5,7        Health...: 25/25
Ί mm -- || Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || || || Ί  Dist/Zone: 3/1
Ί || mm -- Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 226          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,6,7        Health...: 25/25
Ί -- || -- Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || || -- Ί  Dist/Zone: 2/1
Ί mm -- -- Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 226          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,6,6        Health...: 25/25
Ί -- || 11^Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί -- || -- Ί  Dist/Zone: 1/1
Ί || || -- Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 226          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,6,5        Health...: 25/25
Ί mm -- -- Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί -- || 11^Ί  Dist/Zone: 1/1
Ί -- || -- Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 0
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 226          Level....: 1

A voice yells out from the brush "Like gimme like all of your money or 
like I'll have to like kill you! Like do what I say, like now, ok?". It is 
a mutant valley-girl. Once dreaded only as department store temporaries 
during holiday seasons, the radiation has turned them into a very hideous 

Press any key.
Long Range Encounter

  [L] Fight long range combat
  [G] Chuck a rad-grenade at enemy
  [H] Fight close range combat (hand-to-hand)
  [R] Run away
  [S] Surrender
  [T] Attempt to strike up a conversation.

  [C] Check status
  [V] View Opponent

Long Range Encounter ]Talk to Opponent
Like what do you like want? I'm gonna like KILL you like right now. Like

Like gimme a K! Like gimme an I! Like gimme an L! Like gimme another L!
I'm gonna like KILL you!

Ok. I gotta like KILL you now.

°°°±±±²²² Press Any Key ²²²±±±°°°
Long Range Encounter

  [L] Fight long range combat
  [G] Chuck a rad-grenade at enemy
  [H] Fight close range combat (hand-to-hand)
  [R] Run away
  [S] Surrender
  [T] Attempt to strike up a conversation.

  [C] Check status
  [V] View Opponent

Long Range Encounter ]Hand-To-Hand

You prepare for hand-to-hand combat!

[Status - Waste-M-All: 25/25; Valley Girl: 20/20]
A]ttack T]ill-death R]un S]urrender V]iew C]har W]arp E]xchange >->Attack
Your Sword bounces off of Valley Girl's armor.

The Valley Girl throws a mighty punch to your face, throwing you to 
the ground.

[Status - Waste-M-All: 24/25; Valley Girl: 20/20]
A]ttack T]ill-death R]un S]urrender V]iew C]har W]arp E]xchange >->Attack
With a savage war-cry, you slam your Sword into your enemy's chest, 
crushing his ribs!

Catching you in surprise, the Valley Girl throws you to the ground 
with a low-kick.

[Status - Waste-M-All: 23/25; Valley Girl: 16/20]
A]ttack T]ill-death R]un S]urrender V]iew C]har W]arp E]xchange >->Attack
Your Sword streaks past Valley Girl in a vain miss.

The Valley Girl's takes a flying leap at you and lands face-first on 
the ground.

[Status - Waste-M-All: 23/25; Valley Girl: 16/20]
A]ttack T]ill-death R]un S]urrender V]iew C]har W]arp E]xchange >->Attack
With the might of a warrior, you hack off some of Valley Girl's flesh 
as a souvenir!

You successfully block the Valley Girl's oncoming attack and send him 
flying to the ground in defeat.

[Status - Waste-M-All: 23/25; Valley Girl: 14/20]
A]ttack T]ill-death R]un S]urrender V]iew C]har W]arp E]xchange >->Attack
Your Sword fails to penetrate Valley Girl's armor.

You successfully block the Valley Girl's oncoming attack and send him
flying to the ground in defeat.

[Status - Waste-M-All: 23/25; Valley Girl: 14/20]
A]ttack T]ill-death R]un S]urrender V]iew C]har W]arp E]xchange >->Attack
You viciously tear into Valley Girl with your Sword!

The Valley Girl lunges at you, knocking you off your feet.

[Status - Waste-M-All: 22/25; Valley Girl: 9/20]
A]ttack T]ill-death R]un S]urrender V]iew C]har W]arp E]xchange >->Attack
Anticipating your attack, Valley Girl proves a bit faster than the 
you, and executes a skillful dodge.

Catching you in surprise, the Valley Girl throws you to the ground 
with a low-kick.

[Status - Waste-M-All: 21/25; Valley Girl: 9/20]
A]ttack T]ill-death R]un S]urrender V]iew C]har W]arp E]xchange >->Attack
With a savage war-cry, you slam your Sword into your enemy's chest, 
crushing his ribs!

Catching you in surprise, the Valley Girl throws you to the ground 
with a low-kick.

[Status - Waste-M-All: 19/25; Valley Girl: 7/20]
A]ttack T]ill-death R]un S]urrender V]iew C]har W]arp E]xchange >->Attack
Your Sword slices through Valley Girl's skin as he falls backward in 

The Valley Girl lunges at you, knocking you off your feet.

[Status - Waste-M-All: 17/25; Valley Girl: 5/20]
A]ttack T]ill-death R]un S]urrender V]iew C]har W]arp E]xchange >->Attack
You plunge your Sword deep into Valley Girl's chest, sending it to 
the ground howling in pain!

Catching you in surprise, the Valley Girl throws you to the ground 
with a low-kick.

[Status - Waste-M-All: 16/25; Valley Girl: 2/20]
A]ttack T]ill-death R]un S]urrender V]iew C]har W]arp E]xchange >->Attack
The Valley Girl successfully blocks your oncoming attack and sends
you flying to the ground in defeat.

Catching you in surprise, the Valley Girl throws you to the ground
with a low-kick.

[Status - Waste-M-All: 14/25; Valley Girl: 2/20]
A]ttack T]ill-death R]un S]urrender V]iew C]har W]arp E]xchange >->Attack
You catch Valley Girl off-guard and slice it with your Sword!

[Status - Waste-M-All: 14/25; Valley Girl: 0/20]
As the mutant valley girl falls toward the ground, she utters "This like 
really sucks dude." She will trouble you no more now. 

You gain 252 experience and 105 gold from the encounter.

Wastelands Help
  North...: N or 8     Pick Up Item: P     Enter Town....: G
  South...: S or 2     Drop Item...: D     Camp out here.: A
  East....: E or 6     Check Status: C     Construct fort: F
  West....: W or 6     Equip.......: Q     Enter Fort....: I
  Look....: L or 5     Use Item....: U     Inv Maint.....: M
  Kill Obj: K          Quick Heal..: Y     B.A.D. Spell..: B

°°°±±±²²² Press Any Key ²²²±±±°°°

Nearby Items
 356>Cheerldr Suit/1 357>Ghetto Blaster

                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,6,5        Health...: 14/25
Ί mm -- -- Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί -- ||+11^Ί  Dist/Zone: 1/1
Ί -- || -- Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1

<*>Quick Heal  
Quick heal used 2 medkit doses. 18 remain.

Nearby Items
 356>Cheerldr Suit/1 357>Ghetto Blaster

                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,6,5        Health...: 25/25
Ί mm -- -- Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί -- ||+11^Ί  Dist/Zone: 1/1
Ί -- || -- Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1

<*>Pick Up     
Pick up which object from ground (?=List) ? 356

Nearby Items
 357>Ghetto Blaster

                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,6,5        Health...: 25/25
Ί mm -- -- Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί -- ||+11^Ί  Dist/Zone: 1/1
Ί -- || -- Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1

<*>Pick Up     
Pick up which object from ground (?=List) ? 357

                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,6,5        Health...: 25/25
Ί mm -- -- Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί -- || 11^Ί  Dist/Zone: 1/1
Ί -- || -- Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1

<*>Use Object  
Use which object from inventory (?=List) ? ?
  1>MedKit/8         2>Rations/5        3>Cheerldr Suit/1  4>MedKit/10        
  5>Ghetto Blaster   6>                 7>                 8>                 
  9>                 10>                11>                12>                
  13>                14>                15>                16>                

Use which object from inventory (?=List) ? 5

"Today, several villagers were killed as yet another earthquake rocked the 
island of California ..."

°°°±±±²²² Press Any Key ²²²±±±°°°

                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,6,5        Health...: 25/25
Ί mm -- -- Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί -- || 11^Ί  Dist/Zone: 1/1
Ί -- || -- Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,7,5        Health...: 25/25
Ί -- -- || Ί  Type.....: Town         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || 11^|| Ί  Dist/Zone: 0/1
Ί || -- mm Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,8,5        Health...: 25/25
Ί -- || || Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί 11^|| mm^Ί  Dist/Zone: 1/1
Ί -- mm mm Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,8,4        Health...: 25/25
Ί -- mm mm Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί -- || || Ί  Dist/Zone: 1/1
Ί 11^|| mm^Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,9,4        Health...: 25/25
Ί mm mm mm Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || || || Ί  Dist/Zone: 2/1
Ί || mm^mm^Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,10,4       Health...: 25/25
Ί mm mm mm+Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || || || Ί  Dist/Zone: 3/1
Ί mm^mm^mm^Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,11,4       Health...: 25/25
Ί mm mm+mm Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || || || Ί  Dist/Zone: 4/1
Ί mm^mm^|| Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1


Nearby Items
 353>MedKit/10      354>Rations/5     

                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,11,3       Health...: 25/25
Ί MM MM MM Ί  Type.....: Mountains    St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί mm mm+mm Ί  Dist/Zone: 4/1
Ί || || || Ί  Danger...: 15%          Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1

<*>Pick Up     
Pick up which object from ground (?=List) ? 353

Nearby Items

                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,11,3       Health...: 25/25
Ί MM MM MM Ί  Type.....: Mountains    St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί mm mm+mm Ί  Dist/Zone: 4/1
Ί || || || Ί  Danger...: 15%          Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1

<*>Pick Up     
Pick up which object from ground (?=List) ? 354

                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,11,3       Health...: 25/25
Ί MM MM MM Ί  Type.....: Mountains    St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί mm mm mm Ί  Dist/Zone: 4/1
Ί || || || Ί  Danger...: 15%          Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,11,4       Health...: 25/25
Ί mm mm mm Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || || || Ί  Dist/Zone: 4/1
Ί mm^mm^|| Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,12,4       Health...: 25/25
Ί mm mm MM Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || || MM Ί  Dist/Zone: 5/1
Ί mm^|| mm Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,12,5       Health...: 25/25
Ί || || MM Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί mm^|| mm Ί  Dist/Zone: 5/1
Ί mm || mm Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,12,6       Health...: 25/25
Ί mm^|| mm Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί mm || mm Ί  Dist/Zone: 5/1
Ί mm || .. Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,12,7       Health...: 25/25
Ί mm || mm Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί mm || .. Ί  Dist/Zone: 5/1
Ί mm || || Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,12,8       Health...: 25/25
Ί mm || .. Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί mm || || Ί  Dist/Zone: 6/1
Ί .. .. .. Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 225          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,13,8       Health...: 25/25
Ί || .. .. Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || || || Ί  Dist/Zone: 7/1
Ί .. .. .. Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 224          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,14,8       Health...: 25/25
Ί .. .. .. Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || || || Ί  Dist/Zone: 8/1
Ί .. .. .. Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 224          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,15,8       Health...: 25/25
Ί .. .. .. Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || || ||+Ί  Dist/Zone: 9/1
Ί .. .. .. Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 224          Level....: 1


Nearby Items
  65>Apron/8        192>Cloth/2       

                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,16,8       Health...: 25/25
Ί .. .. .. Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί || ||+|| Ί  Dist/Zone: 9/1
Ί .. .. || Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 224          Level....: 1


                    [Terrain]               [Status]
ΙΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝ»  Location.: 1,17,8       Health...: 25/25
Ί .. .. .. Ί  Type.....: Road         St/Dx/Ag.: 21/21/21
Ί ||+|| .. Ί  Dist/Zone: 10/1
Ί .. || .. Ί  Danger...: 5%           Exper....: 252
ΘΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΝΌ  Time Left: 224          Level....: 1

<*>Camp Out    
Camp here, are you sure (Y/N) ? Yes
Financial Options
      In the investment options menu of the troop quarters, there are a few
  different financial options that you can perform. These are:

  1] Withdrawing/Depositing money in your "standard account"

     The standard account is a safe investment which will earn you 7% of your
  money per night. Your money is always safe there - it can't be lost, stolen,

  2] Withdraw/Deposit money in your "game account"

     The game account is a special account which will earn you 14% per
  day. However, this money is not without risk. Other players can "challenge"
  you to games. They will challenge you for up to 50% of what is in your
  account. If they win, you will gain 50%, if you lose, then you will lose
  50% for them. For example:

    a> Defs Sacre has $500 in his account.

    b> Atlas Eyes challenges for $250. If Atlas Eyes wins the game then he
       will get $250 of Defs Sacre's money. Otherwise, Atlas Eyes will lose
       $250 of his money to Defs Sacre.

    c> Atlas Eyes loses. And Defs Sacre ends up with $750.

    d> maint runs and Defs Sacre earns 14% interest on his $750, bringing his
       total up to $1000. Not bad!

  3] Request a loan

     You may request a lone from the bank. They will usually loan you up to
  5% of your worth. Each day the amount you are required to pay back will
  rise by 18%. They will get increasingly upset if you do not pay this
  off very quickly.

  4] Pay off loan

     You can pay off as much of your loan as you wish at any time. Paying off
  your loan is wise as any unpaid balance accumulates 20% interest per

  5] Financial Statement

     Just summarizes how much money you have (or don't have?)

  6] Financial Info

     A brief summary of the available financial options.

  7] Deposit/Withdraw rent account

     The rent account is a special account that is managed by Hotels-R-Us.
  Here's how it works: The guys at Hotels-R-Us are very nice - they will
  let you stay at any city for FREE until you reach level eight. But, once
  you reach level 8, you will have to start paying rent.

     Each night, an additional rent charge will be added to your account.
  When you get on at your next log on, you should probably pay this charge
  off. If you have not paid by the next time, then Hotels-R-Us will deny
  you access to the city! (although there are some rather unpleasant
  ways to get back into the city).

     Unlike the other two accounts, the rent account can have either a
  surplus or a deficit in it. A deficit (negative money) means that you
  owe Hotels-R-Us and they will get upset if they aren't paid.

     A surplus in the account means that you have extra money there that
  might pay for a few days rent.

     So what does all this mean? It means, once you get to level 8, buy
  a base and live there instead! (If you stay in a base or camp out in the
  wasteland, you are not charged rent)

Questions and Answers:

Q. When I view a monster, it says his weapons do a certain amount of damage,
   but when I fight him, he hits for many more points!

A. The damage listed for his weapons is the BASE damage level. The actual
   damage is dependent on his strength. For a weak monster, the damage
   done will be less that the weapons rating. For a strong monster, the
   damage will be greater.

Q. How do I get to the lower levels?

A. You don't! Starting with version 2.00 of LOD and up, there is no lower
   map. The top level was increased in size to provide for a more
   realistic game environment.

Q. What are these "special quests" ?

A. They are exactly as the name implies - a few little side adventures
   thrown in to add flavor to the game. Sometimes talking to the residents
   of a town may get you some insight into a quest, otherwise, locating
   and using a special object may help. Remember, always try out all of
   the gadgets you find in the wasteland!

Q. I don't like this "xxx's weapon disintegrates as it falls to the ground"
   stuff. How can I get rid of it?

A. If you're the sysop (or game operator), then you can go into monster.def,
   find the character "DEFAULT_1", go down to the line which says "DESINT 35"
   and change it to a smaller value. The smaller the value, the less the
   chance that weapons, armor, etc will be disintegrated.

# LOD Newsletter file
# This file will be updated to contain all LOD newsletter issues. Please
# Don't delete it - it is used by LOD itself when users request a newsletter
# to be displayed.
LODNEWS1 Volume 1, Issue 1: Premier Issue!
LODNEWS2 Volume 1, Issue 2: LODNews Continues!
LODNEWS3 Volume 1, Issue 3: Yet Another LodNews!
LODNEWS4 Volume 2, Issue 1: March, 1993
LODNEWS5 Volume 3, Issue 1: May, 1994
LODNEWS6 Volume 4, Issue 1: May, 1995
                   Land Of Devastation News
                      Volume 1 Number 1

                    Editor: Scott M. Baker

 1) Welcome To the Premier Issue!.......Scott Baker
 2) Planned LOD Updates.................Scott Baker
 3) LOD's Graphics: How it works........Scott Baker
 4) User Submissions....................Scott Baker
 5) LOD Thoughts from Nick..............Nick (David Doyle)
 6) Xenon's Jounral Entry...............Xenon (Jonas Saunders)

Welcome to the Premier Issue!
By Scott M. Baker

    Welcome to the premier issue of the LOD newsletter. A few 
users have requested that we start up a newsletter, so here it 
is! (Now, if those same users would just submit something!)
    First of all, let me talk a little bit about my current 
work on LOD. As I write this issue, I am taking a break from 
the deisgn of LOD 3.00. Origanally, version 3.00 was going to 
be a simple bug fix release, but the demand for new features 
is so strong, I have decided to do what I can while I have the 
    For those of you who have complained that LOD is not 
finished, version 3.00 is getting very close to what I am 
going to consider "completion". The Puritron routines are      
finally installed and fully functional. This means that the 
users can finally win and restart the game. Also, if we we can 
figure out the best way to do it, I'm going to try to throw in 
some player-vs-player games and some player-vs-player combat.
    I've also been working on a set of new weapons for the 
power hungry players out there. Already added are a few exotic 
items such as the Pulse Bazooka and Xenon's Surprise. To power 
these weapons, we have a nice Vortex Cell which can hold an 
immense amount of power.
    Medical lining is also having some addition - there are 
two new classes available which are quite handy out in the 
wasteland. The price for these items? Well, let's just say
you'd better have played for a while before trying to buy one!
    For those of you who have completed all of the special 
quests, I'm going to throw in a few more that you can work on. 
Perhaps the first person to complete them in each game
will get a special award.


Planned LOD Updates
Scott M. Baker

    Currently, here is a list of what updates I plan on making 
in the future. These aren't listed in any particular order, 
just whats on my mind:

    1) Finish player-vs-player combat! We all know you players 
out there want to kill each other, so let me see if I can get 
an option for it.

    2) Multi-level support. Not similar to the previous 
multilevel support where the landscape was duplicated, but 
actual inner maps for buildings and such. (i.e. You enter 
Xeboc's lair and there is a sub-map for it)

    3) More monsters. We need the 4th, 5th, and 6th levels 
populated. I threw in a few, but I could really use some 
suggestions for a few more. (hint, hint)

    4) Player-vs-Player games. One of the major complaints 
about LOD is that there isn't enough player-vs-player 
interaction. I'd like to throw in some games to use that game 
account and let the users interact a bit.

    That's whats on my mind for the next versions. If anyone 
out there has any suggestions of other important things to be 
added, or any ideas on the above, then let me know!


LOD's graphics: How it works.
By Scott M. Baker

    The most often design question I get asked is about LOD's 
(and GTERM's) graphics - how are they implemented? Well, 
there's quite a long story to the actual process. Let's begin 
by talking about where they came from.
    Shane Chambers has drawn up the bulk of the images. From 
my understanding of the process, they start out on a clean 
white piece of paper. Shane sketches them out freehand with a 
pencil. Then he scans them in with a 2-color (monochrome) 
scanner. The pictures are then converted and edited with Dr. 
Halo and Dr. Halo DPE, colorized, and exported in a .GIF which 
Shane sends to me.
    We chose the GIF format because it was something that is 
somewhat popular and something that both Shane can write to 
and I can read them. When the image arrives to me, I load it 
into a little utility that I wrote which converts it to a 
turbo pascal format.
    For the final step in organizing the images, they are 
packed together into the various files. Some
people are under the impression that these files are in some 
kind of proprietary format. They really aren't in any actual 
format at all. They are simply all of the images stuck end to 
end one right after the other. Small images (such as inventory 
and map items) get thrown in one file and large images (such 
as monster and town pictures) get thrown in another.
    The way I read these pictures in is really a complex 
matter involving memory buffering and caching, EMS support, 
etc, but the concept is really pretty simple - you "blockread" 
them in to memory, and then display them onto the screen. It's 
as simple as that. If you want to get fancy, you can RLE or 
LZW compress your images to save space; You can buffer the 
images in memory to increase speed, etc.
    The final thing that remains to be discussed is how does 
LOD tell GTERM what pictures to display? This is accomplished 
by a miniature error-correcting protocol that is operating 
mostly in the background. LOD sends "packets" of data to 
GTERM. GTERM interprets the contents of these packets and acts 
accordingly. If you haven't already, then reading a good 
discussion of XMODEM will help you understand the operation of 
error correcting protocols. While xmodem is not very highly 
regarded for it's efficiency or security, it's basic 
foundation is the key to understanding how a door may 
communicate with remote terminal.
    Well, there you have it, a very basic discussion of how 
the graphics routines in LOD and GTERM work.


User Submissions
by Scott M. Baker

    This newsletter is open to submissions by anyone - if you 
have something to submit, then just upload it to my bbs. If I 
decide it belongs in the newsletter, then it'll show up in the 
next issue.

    Here's a few things that I would like to see submitted if 
some people out there have the time:

- Newuser tips, playing strategies, etc.

    At times, LOD can be a very comlex game. Sometimes,
    these complexities are a bit hard for new users to
    pick up. So, those of you experienced LOD maniacs
    out there, please send in some tips, your winning
    strategies, etc.

- Historical Text

    If you like to do SF writing, then a few "background"
    stories about the nuclear history in LOD would be
    nice. In my own discussion of LOD's history have left
    some details out. If for example, you would like to
    document the fall of society to nuclear holocaust in
    2005, then go for it! After all, LOD really is just an
    interactive multiplayer story!

- Monster Designs

    Although they probably won't appear in the newsletter,
    I am always looking for more monsters. Particularly
    ones to populate the outer zones. If you like, write
    me up some and I'll see if I can throw them in. Note:
    Please try to fit them into the existing LOD framework
    and plot. Monsters that have unknown weapons and
    origins sometimes just don't fit.

- Combat description text

    Are combat descriptions sometimes seem a bit limited.
    Sometimes I myself can get real tired of hearing "You
    slash into the Rad Hound with your sword." If you have
    a talent for writing up good descriptions, I wouldn't
    mind seeing some of these either.

    The newsletter will be published as often as enough 
material accumulates to make it a decent size.


LOD thoughts from Nick...

I never thought I'd become an adventurer:  I'm really not the 
type for blasting mutant creatures, executioner robots and 
such with gizmos I can't even pronounce, much less understand.  
But then again, I never thought the civilized world would come 
to an end either.  You have to do you best with what you have 
to work with though, and so, with the world the way it is, I 
guess I'm real fortunate to have had the sense to enlist.  And 
you know what?   I found out I'm not half bad at it either!

Now most people don't do things quite the way I do -- and 
nobody can tell you what you ought to -- a body's gotta decide 
such things himself and live with it.  But I noticed some 
things I thought might make it easier on those that take up 
where I leave off.  Maybe what I tell might help.  Then again, 
maybe not.

First off:  Money.  Figure out what's worth collecting 
depending on your net worth and level.  At first, a real quick 
trip out to pick up anything you can find will get you that 
extra 100 to buy a razorlance.  Also, suppose you hop out of 
base in your shorts and not so much as a butter knife on you 
(don't waste your money on equipment [more on this in a 
minute])  I wouldn't be afraid to run away from a scavenger or 
insane soldier -- they might shoot at you, but you can just 
heal it.  Later on in the game, don't waste your inventory 
carrying cheap stuff -- some of the armor is worth a lot.  
Also, keep some cash in the bank ... compound interest is the 
8th wonder of the new world!

Second:  Use the technology.   Some say we're better off back 
in the caves wearing skins and fighting with rocks 'cause 
"technology" got us into this mess.  But its what people  did 
with it that caused the devastation and besides, when a death 
warrior comes after you, energy armor and a neutron rifle sure 
keeps you alive better.  Also, its our only hope ... we have 
to get the puritron on-line or we're stuck!

Oh yeah, I was talking about using the devices:  The stealth 
buckles are great!  You can use several at a time to cover 
some dangerous ground, and scavenge some good equipment up.  
Also the computer store has some handy stuff -- the DIET 
program sure saves you hassle and food bill.  (Nobody enjoys 
eating now anyway)

Third:  Pay attention to where you are.  If you find yourself 
in a new area, remember what you did to get there and what it 
looks like.  If you can't close your eyes and still see the 
scenery, you're not concentrating on what's around you enough.  
You should have a sense for how far away from things you are, 
too:  the dist/zone monitor helps you develop a feel for this.

Fourth:  Cooperate.  Use the mail, talk to the others out 
there.  And remember, we're all trying to save the world -- 
there's enough opponents out in the wasteland without us 
killing each other off.

Xenon Journal Entry - Date ????

        Today as I set out from Sacre Base, in search for the 
missing puritron devices, I had an uneasy feeling.  This 
wasn't going to be a easy journey.


Ok, guys, so you wanna be an adventurer?  Here's some hints 
from the greatest adventurer ever, Xenon (aka Jonas Saunders).

Getting killed by monsters too quickly?  Buy a stealth device. 
Activate the stealth's Quiet Mode.  Go as far as you can, in, 
say zone 3 or 4.  Find some better weapons.  (There's bound to 
be some laying around if the game has been running for a 
while) If you happen to encounter a monster, RUN.  If you get 
hit, use your medkit. Don't attack until you have better 
weapon and armor. When you do find some, go back to Zone 1 and 
start attacking monsters.  ALWAYS surrender if your HP go 
below 10.  Or take risks.

Starving to death?  Buy the laptop and the DIET program.  Get 
the GSRZ/50 rations.  You'll last about 1 month.  (Real-time, 
not game-wise)

Dying and starting over?  Buy the laptop and find the EM-Warp 
ROM. Find some Warper/5's.  You'll save some precious time and 
won't have to start over so much.

Collecting items the monster drop off the wasteland and 
selling them is the BEST way to earn money.  As soon as you 
have about 2 million credits (About 20 minutes worth of 
work/play time) BUY the Neutron Sabre and Neutron Rifle.  
Those weapons will help. Getting a Pylon key will really help 
you later on the game.

Find the EEEE Center and the Clone Center AS EARLY IN THE GAME 
AS YOU can.  The EEEE Center has a nifty weapon, called 
Xenon's Surprise. This weapon will blow the monsters away with 
ease.  Get one of the Vortex Cells also.  You can add 
unlimited amounts of power to it and don't have to worry about 
going back to one of the base to buy more power.  Get Stizli 
Medline and you'll regain 1 HP each 2 move.  This may help out 
in tight situations where you're out of Medkits.

Build a Fortress in each Zone.  (Zone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Give 
all fortresses Teleporters.  This will help you teleport back 
to Sacre Base to resupply.  Then you can go back to Zone 1 
base and teleport to whatever zone you were in last.  This 
strategy has helped me greatly.

Use the Pylons to find TASDU - the machine may have some 
useful information.  Use the Pylons to find Xeboc too.  He has 
one Puritron Device.  Use the Pylons to find the Nuclear Silo.  
There is a Puritron Device there.

Talking to monsters may yield some interesting answers and 
solutions for the Quests.  Some monsters might have the Tetris 
ROM, buy it.  (or destroy the monster and risk the Tetris ROM 
being dissolved)

I think this should be good enough to get you guys started.  
Xenon Out.


You can download copies of this newsletter, upload 
submissions, or whatever from the following bulletin board 

The Not-Yet-Named bbs
Node #1: (602) 544-4655  (V.32)
Node #2: (602) xxx-xxxx  (USR DUAL)  (Temp Down)
                 Land Of Devastation News
                    Volume 1 Number 2

                  Editor: Scott M. Baker

 1) Welcome to Issue Number Two!......Scott Baker
 2) Version 3.30: Team Support........Scott Baker
 3) Some Tips for Advanced Players....Art Rainy
 4) Special Questing..................Gurlock The Almighty
 5) Crippleware/Bonusware/Delayware...Scott Baker
 6) The Death of Nuke Man.............Pit Bull (James Cox)
 7) Salvation of the Puritron I.......Pit Bull (James Cox)
 8) People I wish to thank............Scott Baker
 9) Letters to the Editor.............n/a

Welcome to Issue Number Two!
By Scott M. Baker

    Welcome to the second issue of LODNEWS. If everything 
goes as planned, then this issue will be released on the 
same date as Land of Devastation version 3.30 which has 
some nice new features. (See the section about version 
3.30 below)

    We're still running a bit low on user submissions. I 
know there are many of you out there playing Land Of 
Devastation, so how about sharing your knowledge and 
strategies with the rest of us? Or why not personalize 
your character by sending in a short story describing his 

    We'd really like to hear from you!


Version 3.30: Team Support!
By Scott M. Baker

    I'm very excited about version 3.30 and I hope some of 
you are too. This is the first version of LOD that has 
team support built in! You can now band together with your 
comrades! For you lower players out there, teaming up will 
allow you to make some progress against those higher above 

    So what can a team of lower players do to fight 
someone immensely larger than them? How about laying siege 
to your enemy's fortresses? Although a fortress's defenses 
may be great and powerful, a band of determined players 
can exhaust the fortress's energy supply, effectively 
neutralizing it's defenses. Then you just walk in and take 
inventory of your new home! Or perhaps you sell out it's 
defenses and self destruct the fortress! That ought to get 
your adversary more than just slightly upset.

    A prime advantage for team play is a pooling of 
resources. Sharing fortresses can be a great advantage. 
For example, you may have more Warper/5's then you know 
what to do with, but your friends may be in desperate need 
for a warper. So, leave it in your fortress and your 
teammate [assuming he has your fortress's password] can 
pick it up when he needs it.

    Those are all things that you could previously do on 
your own. So, what does the new built in team support 
grant you?

    First of all, if you buy a smart mine and set it 
somewhere, it is smart enough not only to spare your life 
if you re-enter the area, but your teammates as well. The 
nice thing about mines is that an adventurer never knows 
how many are there. This element of uncertainty can allow 
you to build up a decent defense around an important area 
(such as your favorite fortress!)

    Secondly, your teammates can view the location of your 
fortresses (with the fortlist ROM and with the fortress 
teleporter command) and teleport to/from them for free. 
This allows you to set up a "transportation network". One 
of you could build and maintain a fortress by Sacre Base, 
another by Freedom City, and another by the Death Warrior 
camp. Instantly, you have the capability to travel between 
three of the main cities!


Some Tips for Advanced LOD Players
By Art Rainy

Warpers--The EM-Warp program always uses the highest 
numbered warper in your inventory.  Free up inventory 
slots by always placing your lowest numbered warper 
highest in your inventory.  That should eliminate the 
problem of two or three warpers with only one warp left on 

[Editors note: Making the EM-Warp program a bit smarter 
about which Warper is used is on my list of things to do, 
so the above may or may not be valid at the time you read 

Stealth fields and Inviroblurs--These units operate 
cumulatively.  The use of multiple units can double your 
chances of increasing those valuable experience points or 
of surviving as you sneak away from dangerous territory.

Kill Objects--Most players quickly learn the advantage of 
leaving items where they fall if they need neither its 
cash value or its advantage in conflict. Thus they 
exchange items of value and bypass Sacre Base.  However, 
when most players have advanced into levels two and 
higher, no player is interested in picking up daggers and 
cloth armor.  It is to your advantage to kill those 
useless objects and benefit from the janitorial fee.  
Sysops might consider raising that fee to more than $5 per 
unit to further temp players to clean up the board.

Map the Board--LOD's intrepid designer has included 
editing capabilities that allow sysop's to modify the 
design of the map.  Just because the Clone Center was at a 
certain location in the last game does not imply that it 
will remain there after a reset.  To avoid confusion about 
locations prepare a 125 by 125 grid and map the locations 
of obstructions as well as those of cities and camps.  You 
can eliminate trips into cul-de-sacs and excessive danger 


Special Questing
By Gurlock The Almighty

[Editors note: The following gives information on solving 
2 of LOD's special quests. Players who don't want the 
secret "given away" may wish to skip this secion]

    Ok now, the best way that a starting player can get 
going quickly is to use the quests.  Land Of Devastation 
has many special quests.  There's hard ones and there's 
easy ones.  I'll describe an easy one or two for you new 
guys out there!

    The first thing that you should do is perform the 
steaks special quest.  Do this when you are like level 2 
or 3 (other wise you might get wasted).  Ok - here's what 
you do: Follow the road that leaves sacre base and keep 
going east.  If you come to any "T" intersections, then 
choose the upper path.  At some point you'll enter zone 
#2, so start running from all of monsters (otherwise 
they'll waste you).  Eventually, you'll come to another 
city. This city is freedom camp.  Now, follow the 
mountains south of Freedom Camp.  You'll first see a pylon 
(ignore it) and the as you continue, you'll run into the 
horticulture center (HS).  Enter the HS, talk to the 
manager, and pick up Troy's Steaks.  Then go back the way 
you came - back to sacre base.  When you will return, you 
will have won the first special quest!!!!!!!!

    The next quest is also pretty easy.  First you'll need 
to buy a pylonkey.  Do this at either Sacre Base or 
Freedom City. Remember that pylon you passed in the above 
quest? Well, go back there.  Now, try all the code 
combinations at the pylon.  Write down where you end up 
with one. Important-- if you run into Xeboc, RUN FROM HIM! 
or he'll waste you!!! Eventually, you'll find the 
T.A.D.S.U.  When you find it, you've won another special 
quest!!!!  (Now, you just gots to remember the right pylon 
code [You wrote them down, right?] to get back to where 
you cam from!]

    If I remember, you got like 5,000 experience for each 
of those quests!  Wow!  For a beginner, that's a level or 
two!!!  Plus you also get to talk to the tadsu and learn a 
bunch of information!  And theres more! Once you buy a 
laptop, you can go to the computer store and pickup Troy's 
Rom and get a whole lot of info!!!


By Scott M. Baker

    As most of you notice, LOD is distributed in a manner 
similar to shareware. The fully functional working version 
is distributed to everyone. Those who like the program, 
use it a lot, etc are supposed to send in a registration 
fee (aka donation) to support it. Once a donation is 
received, I enter their information into the Reglook door 
on my bbs where they can call and pick up a code. The code 
then enables the message "This copy is registered to xxxx. 
Please thank your sysop for registering."

    I have had several sysops who have told me that this 
is not enough incentive for them to register. They say 
they would only register if they receive something above 
the current version. They want their registered copy to be 
something better than John Doe's unregistered copy across 
town. They want users to appreciate the fact that they 
have registered. Before I continue, let me explain a few 

    Crippleware: In this method, the game is distributed 
to the public with many of it's features disabled. Limits 
on the number of players are imposed, etc. When the sysop 
sends in the donation, he receives a "key" which enables 
the full features.

    Bonusware: Very similar to crippleware, but the 
philosophy is slightly different. The full version is 
distributed, but sending in a donation will get the sysop 
some sort of "bonus". Something like an external player 
editor. The problem is, there is a fine line between 
bonusware and crippleware. Is removing the editor 
considered "crippling" a program or is the editor a 
"bonus" for registered users?

    Delayware: This is where you put a delay in the 
unregistered version. Something similar to "This copy is 
unregistered. Please wait 10 seconds."

    Annoyware: Here we find other ways to annoy the sysop 
into registering. We could throw up a long message on the 
screen every time a user enters the door. We could put in 
a message attacking the sysop for not registering, etc.

    As I said before, I don't currently use any of the 
above methods. You get the full version whether you 
register or not. Sysops who send in registrations simply 
have the piece of mind of knowing they have paid for the 
software, and of course, a message saying "Please thank 
your sysop for registering."

    As more and more people keep telling me they think I 
should do something more, I am starting to consider it. 
After all, LOD is no small project - it does require a lot 
of my time and I wouldn't mind an increase in donations.

    So what I would like is comments, what would people 
think? Here is what I would do under each of the above 

    Crippleware: (Out of the question - I hate crippled 

    Bonusware:   Only give registered sysops the editor 
package (LODxxxE.ARJ)

    Delayware:   Add in a 5 or 10 second delay after the 
"encourage your sysop to register" message.

    Annoyware:   Make the user read a screen at the end of 
the game (i.e. when the user quits or camps out) about how 
his sysop should register, how important registering 
shareware is, etc.

    My question is, if I was to instate one of the above 
policies, which one would people prefer? Right now, I like 
the delay idea. 5 seconds isn't too long to turn people 
off and it is long enough to make the "please register" 
message stick in peoples' minds. If you have a response, 
you can send it to me at the bbs number listed at the end 
of this document.


The Death of Nuke Man
By Pit Bull

    I woke up to an alarming situation. I was no longer 
within the safe confines of my fortress - I was laying on 
the bare wasteland. It is pure luck that I am alive. A 
single Biomutant could have done me in while I slept 
    But what had happened to my fortress? My protection 
against this hellish land? I could just see it's 
smoldering ruins a few meters to the east. The cause was 
clear: Another warrior, one who should have been my 
companion in this struggle for freedom, had ruthlessly 
desecrated my base. He must pay.
    I bootup up my laptop which had luckily been spared 
from the attack. I typed in the commands to retrieve the 
previous few days log. And I waited.... waited... for the 
name of the one who had done this. The name of the person 
who would suffer my vengeance.
    And then it appeared: Nuke Man. Why had he done this 
to me? Perhaps I shall never know. I had never met Nuke 
Man personally. From the rankings posted in the troop 
quarters, I could tell that he was nearly as good as 
myself. Perhaps he was in need of some quick cash and my 
glorious fortress caught his eye. Or perhaps he wanted the 
glory of capturing the puritron parts himself.
    Something else caught my eye in the log. Those two 
words would burn in my mind for the next two days: 
"Fortress Constructed". After Nuke Man had destroyed my 
own home, he had constructed himself a fortress. This 
would be my vengeance. I will find his fortress and show 
him that what goes around comes around.
    For two days I searched. Across the plains surrounding 
Sacre Base, within the mountains around Freedom City. Even 
as far as the EEEE center and then I found it. Hidden 
around the bend amongst some impassable mountains.
    I leveled my phaser-3 at the base's defense field and 
fired. Electric fire shot up when the two energy fields 
met. By now, Nuke Man would be panicking with the sounds 
of sirens and alarms. I entered the moat surrounding his 
fortress and I saw it - the alligator ... It was 
approaching fast. I tried to swim faster, but it was no 
use - MY right leg was nearly town apart by it's jaws.
    Luckily I managed to reach the bank of the moat with 
my life still intact. I slashed several times with my 
electrolance, burning into Nuke Man's defense fields. I 
took a few slugs from his robopistol. But I was more 
powerful then his measly defense. The fortress's defense 
field fell. Then it was just me and Nuke Man.
    He had an electroblade. He must have thought that he 
would be able to handle me in my weakened condition - but 
he was wrong for my dexterity and agility were much 
greater than his. He lunged forward, hoping to stab me 
with his electroblade. One quick swing with my 
electrolance and the electroblade, along with the majority 
of Nuke Man's hand and lower arm was now lying across the 
    He cried in pain and begged for his life. I was not 
without mercy. I let him live. After all, I had gained a 
new fortress - and I would not self destruct this one as 
the foolish Nuke Man did when he conquered mine. I figured 
that would be the last of Nuke Man - that he had learned 
his lesson. But sadly, it was not so.
    The very next day the log showed an attempted attack 
on my new fortress - by none other than Nuke Man. The log 
simply said that he had perished. But I knew what had 
happened. That alligator in the moat - the one that Nuke 
Man had bought - had a very full belly that day.
    I hope this sad tale will convince those out there 
that I, Pit Bull, am not to be toyed with. I have shown 
mercy and let one evil one live, only to have him attack 
my fortress the very next day. The next time someone 
attacks one of my fortresses I may not show any mercy. 
After all, the alligators do need to eat.


Salvation of The Puritron Part I
by Pit Bull

    It was a lonely day in the wastelands. When I awoke, I 
had no special feeling of greatness - no idea of the glory 
that would come later in the afternoon. No idea that I 
would earn my place in the great plaque of the puritron 
    I set out to do my usual exploring. First on my list 
was the pylons. I had already mapped out two of the 
locations and I was going to find the rest. These pylons 
are of a powerful nature. Able to teleport matter all 
around the wasteland. I wondered where the codes I would 
try today would lead me.
    The first one took me out into Zone four somewhere. 
Not a very pleasant place. I was nearly killed by a Black 
Widow before I was able to escape back into the pylon and 
get back to Zone two.
    The next one took me into some computer. The feeling 
of disorientation was incredible. I think that I was 
actually inside of the computer itself. The information 
and insight I gained was incredible. Knowledge that would 
help the fight for peace and the salvation of the 
wasteland was in my grasp. I had also completed one of the 
special quests. This day was shaping up tp be pretty good.
    Then I tried another pylon code. This one brought me 
to a strange room. The walls were made of a metal that I 
had never seen before - something from beyond this world. 
I walked ahead. A lone humanoid stood before me. I yelled 
"I am Pit Bull ... Of Sacre Base ... I come in search of 
the lost Puritron Parts". The response I received was not 
very pleasant.
    "I am Xeboc the almighty... Xeboc the all powerful... 
I will destroy you!". I raised my weapons in preparation 
for a fight. I sighted him in with my Comp Blaster. A 
stream of electric death shot forward from my weapon... 
and right into the wall next to Xeboc. Damn! I had missed.
    We clashed into hand to hand combat. I hit and he hit. 
Then I missed. He missed. I hit and I hit again. Finally 
he fell. I had succeeded! Or at least I thought. I was 
    The image before me vanished. I was fighting a 
hologram. Xebocs voice came across the speaker, mocking 
me. I would have to search elsewhere for this villain.
    I prepared to leave. But something caught my eye - it 
was one of the puritron parts. I reached for it. I ran all 
the way back to Sacre Base with my treasure.
    Defs Sacre and Troy Hadley were waiting for me. They 
eagerly installed the part into the puritron room. "Well, 
Pit Bull, you only have four more left to find" Defs Sacre 
    And then I rested, knowing that I had accomplished 
something great that day.... and preparing for what would 
lie ahead. I was sure I would have to face Xeboc again. 
And it would not be a pleasant experience.


People I Wish to Thank
Scott M. Baker

    In this section, I'm going to start listing a little 
about the people who help me support LOD, who submit 
information that isn't presented here.

    Anthony Malone: Anthony wrote up the nice history text 
file that is used in the HISTORY ROM / special quest in 
LOD. His story fit nicely into the game and is much 

    Joseph Johnson: Joseph submitted me a very extensive 
listing of combat strings for use in LOD. His board [place 
bbs name here] at 212-893-2318 [Note: This is a correction 
from the original LODNEWS2 where the incorrect area code 
was specified], is running a highly customized copy of 
LOD. I haven't seen it myself, but I hear it's quite a 
thing to see.

    Jonas Saunders: The infamous Xenon in my LOD game here 
on the bbs. He's as skilled a bug-finder and playtested as 
he is a LOD warrior! Jonas also happens to be the very 
first winner of a LOD game!


Letters to the Editor

    Well, every newsletter/magazine has a letters to the 
editor section, right? So here is ours! I've posted a few 
messages out of my comments area on the bbs and a few of 
the national echos to get things started, but in the 
future, anyone who wants to, just mark that you would like 
your letter to appear here and I'll post it up!

    Let me start off by saying that I don't usually post 
messages, or write letters.  Today I Installed LOD321 
(from Wildcats(MSI) BBS). I have never been a fan of Role 
playing games at all. But, somehow your is different, you 
dont get sucked into it (although i played for 12 hours, 
thats besides the point), anyway I am thoroughly 
impressed, I have never seen such graphics/details (Pixels 
and or ansi) in a door game, not to mention the plot of 
the game. At any rate keep you the EXCELLENT work. You can 
rest-assured that come pay day you will get whatever it 
takes (I believe $20 or so) to get the game registered.

Craig Salmond
SYSOP of Craig's DATA Exchange (904) 483-2498 14.4k FREE!

PS, You need to hold a conference on how you got you modem 
to answer flawlessly at 14.4k with a non-usr modem. Most 
people I connect to I get a measly 9600, but not on your 
BBS. keep on BBSing


    Thanks for the kind words, Craig. I try my best to 
keep LOD at the leading edge of technology and from the 
comments I get, I see that I am being successful! As for 
the modem, I don't know of anything particular that I've 
done, but I'm glad it works!

    Scott Baker


  Hey Scott, I really like LOD, and am grateful that you 
got my registration up so quickly... I run a bbs here, and 
want to get Galactic Warzone for it as well. Also I want 
to be a Registered user on your BBS, so if ya could 
validate me, I would Appreciate it. And thanks for the 
great game... Wish I was able to Write games myself...

                                  Wayne Gay


    I'm glad to hear you like LOD, Wayne. With my current 
registration system, I usually get registrations up on the 
bbs either the same day they arrive or shortly later. As 
for Galwars, I have sold the rights to Jim Kiersey who 
will be continuing support for it. Expect a new release 
from him very soon!

    Scott Baker


[From Joel Boutros to Jeff Hanson in Area Ooii. Subject: 

JH -=>writing a door yourself.

Ah, but is it the next best thing to copying a door?  Or 
Copying 5 or 6 doors?

Let's see...OOII, TW1000, Never got SZModem working and 
when I mailed the wanna-be he never replied, MechWars 
never worked right...  Gee, Jeff, you seem to be a 
brown-noser to this guy...What else did he make that 
wasn't worth 30 seconds to download?

Oh, tell the little bag of toejam that I _still_ can't get 
SZ working after 1 year and a half. --- GEcho/beta *

Origin: Cosmix Station (913) 422-7345  (1:280/2)


    Joel, I'm sad to see that you feel this way about me 
and my software. Such negative comments are the mark of an 
immature mind and an eyesore to the entire bbs community.
    Let's start at the top. LOD is not a copy of OOII. 
Galactic Warzone was written with Al Davenport's (author 
of TW1000) support and encouragement. I'm sorry you 
couldn't get SZModem to work - you might wish to try the 
latest version which has new Async routines. I don't 
recall ever receiving a letter from you. MechWars is 
written by Shane Chambers, not myself, and it seems to 
work fine on my system and many more across the country.
    In addition to LOD, GW, and SZMODEM, I have written 
NEWGAL (GWII), Door Driver, CMENU, CDRDoor, Locread, and 
the initial Echodor mail reader. (All of which have an 
established registered user base)
    Jeff Hanson is a friend that I had mind the system for 
a week while I was gone. And I must admit, he did a good 
job here, possibly even better than when I'm operating the 
bbs myself.
    You seem to be quite full of criticism. Tell me, where 
is some of the software that YOU have written that I may 
download and evaluate? I'll be sure to send my comments 
your way.
    Scott Baker


You can download copies of this newsletter, upload 
submissions, or whatever from the following bulletin board 

The Not-Yet-Named bbs
Node #1: (602) 544-4655  (v.32)         FIDO: 1:300/9
Node #2: (602) xxx-xxxx  (USR Dual)     FIDO: 1:300/29 (Temp. Down)
                 Land Of Devastation News
                    Volume 1 Number 3

                  Editor: Scott M. Baker

 1) Welcome to our third issue!........Scott Baker
 2) The Player Who Has Everything......Steve Lamb
 3) Foxx's Hunters, Law of the.........Steve Lamb
 4) Nuke Mania.........................Pit Bull
 5) Lod Story..........................}{ighlander
 6) Lod Suggestions....................}{ighlander
 7) Delayware..........................Scott Baker
 8) People I wish to thank.............Scott Baker

Welcome to our third issue!
By Scott M. Baker

    The time has come for the third issue of LODNEWS. This 
issue isn't as large as I had hoped for, but I decided to 
rush it out with LOD 3.40 because I had a few users 
submissions that I wanted to take care of. I wish to thank 
those who sent me in submissions - your work has helped to 
make LODNEWS a success!

    Scott Baker


Subject: For the player who has everything A.K.A "The 

    OK, so, you're a SysOp of a BBS running LoD and you 
play that game. However, you find that you dominate the 
game because you are the SysOp or the other players think 
you dominate because you are SysOp.  Here's a suggestion 
on what to do and still play:

    Play "Guardian."  You know, they support guy who never 
does the heroic deeds himself, but helps the hero (in this 
case, the players), indirectly? Like the kindly old man in 
the swords and sorcery genre of movies who tells the hero 
to complete a quest which he, the old man, cannot 
accompany, BUT can give you this to "help you finish your 

    In other words, since you are SysOp and can dominate 
that if you so choose, dominate the game!  But don't play 
to win, play to help YOUR callers complete the quest for 
the Puritron.  However, in no way do I mean whip out the 
player editor and give yourself god-like powers!

    On my BBS, where a game of LoD just started, I play 
LoD quite a bit, more than the time limits of all my 
callers (what can I say, I like LoD).  I'm currently in 
the process of setting up fortresses in Zones 1,2 & 3.  
These fortresses (which I call holds) offer low cost 
teleportation, low cost medical & power, and weapons at 
reduced price (but above the resell value).  The whole 
purpose of playing the game locally is to keep these 
fortresses well stocked and defended.

    LoD, unlike other "wasteland" doors, is difficult to 
learn and master. Newbie's to the wasteland scenerio as 
well as "pros" at the other wasteland scenerios can easily 
get discouraged.  The idea of the "public" fortresses is 
to give them easy access to the nessecities, but at a 
price...  Not to make a profit, but to let them learn the 
limits of *THIS* game w/o the discouragement of dying.  
Unlike other games, if you die in LoD w/o a clone, it is 
*VERY* difficult to return to combat.  Death does take 
it's toll in LoD.

    On the other hand...  If one of the callers nukes a 
"public" fortress, the owner/keeper does have the right to 
extract payment in the form of one life. :)


[Date]   : Oct 25th, 2022 [Time]   : 00:00:00.00 
[Subject]: Foxx's Hunters, Law of the

    Ever since Defs Sacre, leading the Sacre Hawks, was 
attacked and lost the puritron device there has been a 
need for an elite group of warriors to retrieve the five 
parts of the device.  Let it be known that on October 25th 
of the 2022 year of the old calander makrs the birth of 
the Foxx's Hunters. Following are the x laws of the Foxx's 
Hunters.  Any who wish to apply must follow these laws 

    01: All information/weapons/armor/misc items are 
property of the Foxx's Hunters.  At the end of the day the 
following procedures must be taken: a: All credits must be 
deposited into FXHold. 01: Major Foxx can and will 
authorize personal funds to be deposited into the Game 
Account for the sole purpose of gaining interest for the 
Foxx's Hunters b: All powerpacks/belts must be discharged 
into FXHold. c: All medical supplies must be discharged 
into FXHold. d: All items minus personal computers must be 
dropped into the FXHold storage facility. e: All Puritron 
device parts must be dropped into the FXHold storage 
facility. 02: The sole purpose of the Foxx's Hunters is to 
retrieve the five lost components of the Puritron device.  
To this end the following procedures must be followed: a: 
NO other recruits/fortresses are to be attacked or harmed 
in any way unless ordered by Major Foxx. 01: Major Foxx 
will order retalitory attacks as described under section 
04. b: NO threats will be made by any member of the Foxx's 
Hunters towards any other recruit or thier property. c: NO 
assistance is to be rendered to any other recruit in the 
form of credits/armor/weapons/information or misc items 
unless otherwise authorized by Major Foxx. 03: Loyalty to 
the Foxx's Hunters must be absolute.  To this end the 
following procedures will be followed: a: NO fighting 
between members of the Foxx's Hunters. b: NO individual, 
unauthorized strikes. c: NO willful destructiong of Foxx's 
Hunter property. d: NO disclosing the existence of the 
Foxx's Hunters to anyone other than fellow Foxx's Hunters 
recruits. e: NO willful inaction on an offensive strike as 
ordered by Major Foxx. 04: Offensive action will be taken, 
as ordered by Major Foxx, under the following offenses: a: 
Attack on or willful distruction of Foxx's Hunters 
property. b: Attack on Foxx's Hunters personell. c: 
Violation of Foxx's Hunters law sections: 01.b, 01.d, 
01.e, 02.a, 02.c, 03.d, 03.e.

    In a nutshell, ladies and gentlemen, you join the 
Foxx's Hunters and you gain something and you loose 
something.  What you gain is a guarenteed safe place to 
sleep other than Sacre Base and Freedom City.  You gain 
all knowledge and information that all other members of 
the Foxx's Hunters have.  You gain the weapons and armor 
collected by the entire group.  You gain the added benefit 
of safety in numbers, in other words, if another Sacre 
base attacks you, you know that the entire Foxx's Hunters 
will not rest until they have paid equal to the injustice 
done to you.

    What you loose is the personal freedom to do what you 
want when you want. The freedom to keep personal weapons, 
to act in an offensive strike on your own, and to gain 
personal wealth.  But it is for the common good.  The 
Earth will be a better place.  For it is easier to 
overcome greater challenges from inside a group.

    Secrecy of the Foxx's Hunters is paramount.  The less 
the other recuits know, the better off we are.  
Information is power, and if they do not know that there 
is a tangable force out there, nor it's name, they are not 
inclined to attack the "all powerful" group.

    If anyone wants out, leave the room now.  However, you 
are hereby warned, anyone disclosing this meetings events 
will face the Foxx's Hunters.  And a dead recruit cannot 
identify it's killer...


Nuke Mania
Pit Bull

    I knew he would be back. I had fought him once before 
and defeated him. And when I let him live without 
punishment, he had double crossed me by attempting to take 
over my fortress.
    When I found his chewed up body floating in my moat
surrounding my fortress the next morning, I assumed I had 
heard the last of the infamous Nuke Man. I carried his 
body back to sacre base with burial.
    But, to my surprise, the sacre base medics managed to 
bring life back to his body. And nuke man lived again. I 
didn't say much. I figured after his failure, he would 
leave me alone. Not to mention that he was not in the best 
of health to be fighting.
    I don't know how he managed to do it, but Nuke Man 
managed to befriend one of the larger player named 
Sneezoid. Sneezoid, who had accumulated quite a bit of 
wealth from scavenging the wasteland, gave Nuke Man a 
pulse bazooka and a neutron sabre.
    Of course, the first thing nuke man did was head for 
my base. It took him ten attacks, but he wasted the 
defenses and ravaged my supplies. When he was finished, he 
self destructed my fortress. I should have know he would 
do it.
    Lucky for me, I had built a second fortress across 
some mountains to the east. And nuke man didn't know about 
it. Thank God, I had relocated there when he destroyed the 
first fortress. At least I was safe in my second "backup".
    I hailed Sneezoid, I explained my plight. Sneezoid 
realized that he had bestowed his money into the hands of 
a dishonerable worrier. And he realized that he should 
compensate me for my trouble with Nuke Man. So he gave me 
a whopping ONE MILLION dollars.
    I equipped my second fortress with enough firepower to 
defend against Nuke Man. Then I challenged Nuke Man to 
come after me again.
    And of course, he took me up on the offer. That night 
Nuke Man returned to my fortress. Not realizing the 
strength of my defenses, he attacked.
    All that remained of Nuke Man was a charred corpse on 
the ground outside my fort. The body was so badly burned 
and decimated that I knew he could not be revived. I took 
his weapons and armed myself with them. Now, nobody would 
fool with me!
    Then next day I would set forth to seek out another 
puritron piece to save the land. When I was leaving 
though, something happened that nearly gave me a heart 
attack. I noticed a discarded receipt laying in the 
vicinity of nuke mans remains. It said "Clone Center, 


Lod Story
}{ighlander aka Cory Doss

     The sun was beating overhead hotter than usual, but 
there was no way it could ever heat me from my cold sweat. 
I had finally seen the phaser cache, and I knew that I had 
to make an attempt to get into it. Only a seemingly 
endless trip across wasteland and radiation hell was 
stopping me from getting to it, and the Black Widow's of 
the area weren't to thrilled about me being there either. 
I was no match for the local monsters, so what was I 
thinking when I headed for the obviously guarded cache? As 
I neared, I noticed signs of life which made me twitch 
with a nervous energy. I finally reached the cache, and 
examined it closer. I made my way inside, and when I did I 
found myself standing face to face with the star of 
pre-holocaust video entertainment, Captain James Kirk of 
the Starship Enterprise. Seeing his reassuring face 
relieved me, but the relief was short lived when the, 
obviously delirious, captain started babbling about how I 
was going to steal his phasers! I was shocked as he 
readied himself for combat. I had a split-second to decide 
which long-range weapon I would use, the sure fire 
grenade, or my newly aqcuired Pulse Rifle. I found myself 
answering my own question as I fired my rifle in his 
direction, it was the first time I had fired that weapon, 
and the results startled me. He was knocked back at least 
ten feet, and was stunned momentarily. His pitiful shot 
was no match for my Energy Vest, and we locked together in 
a fierce battle and hand-to-hand. He wore me down, as my 
fire sabre was having difficulty piercing his armor, but 
finally I broke through his armor, bringing us both down 
to exhaustion. I knew that whoever took the next fall 
would be the victim of the wasteland, but used that 
thought to power me for my last and most powerful swing. I 
thought my life was over until I heard his assuring cry, 
letting me know that victory was mine. After that, 
everything is a blur. All I know now is that I somehow 
brought a piece of the puritron device back, and I am a 
local hero. This all just goes to show that in a world 
like this, heroes aren't born, they just get really lucky 
for their entire lives.


LOD Suggestions
}{ighlander aka Cory Doss

  Ideas for enemy types.... A new military group calling 
themselves the Warheads have sprung up in the southwest 
central desert region. Apparantly an arms dealer back in 
2003 had been stockpiling his arms here, and passed on 
without letting anyone know about them. Now a group of 
radicals have came across the weapons, and are using the 
shelter as their home base. They are led by a deranged 
military leader, who was a pre-war general in the U.S. 
Army. They are also after the puritron device parts, but 
for alternate reasons. They want the pieces because they 
also are needed for a specific biological warhead the 
group is working on building. They feel that if it is 
created, the remaining humanoids would submit to them out 
of fear. The types of soldiers in the army and there 
leader are below..........

Warhead Soldier... Str: 24  Dex: 24  Agl: 24  Health: 34 
Short Range Weapon: RazorLance Long Range Weapon: M-16 * 
New Weapon * (Powerful Uzi,Weak Phas) Armor: Kevlar 
Equipment: Ammo For Gun, Rations (5). Level:2 
Exp:1000-1250 Money:1100-1500

Warhead Lieutenant... Str: 36  Dex: 36  Agl: 36  Health: 
52 Short Range Weapon: ElectroSword Long Range Weapon: 
Phaser-3 Armor: PlasmaVest Equipment: PowerBelt, Rations 
(5), Communicator. Level:3 Exp:5000-7500 Money:3500-6000

Warhead Colonel... Str: 50  Dex: 50  Agl: 50  Health: 75 
Short Range Weapon: GravSword Long Range Weapon: 
GravBlaster Armor: EnergyVest Equipment: GravPack, 
Medkit/50, Grenades(25), AccuraGoggles* Level:4 
Exp:10000-12500 Money:8000-12500

The Leader... Str: ??  Dex: ??  Agl: ??  Health: ?? Short 
Range Weapon: Nuetron Sabre Long Range Weapon: Pulse Rifle 
Armor: Energy Vest Equipment: ?? Level:5? Exp:??? 

New Items..... M-16, this would be a little more powerful 
than the Uzi, little less powerful than Phaser-1. 
AccuraGoggles, these help the chance of hitting with a 
long range weapon by 5,10, or 15 percent depending on 
class 1,2,3.

I hope you have enjoyed my submissions and there should be 
more to come......


Scott M. Baker

    Well, from the responses I got from the last 
newsletter, I have made a decision. LOD now has a seven 
second delay on loading and exiting of unregistered 
    I chose the delay of seven second because it is short 
enough not to turn off the users and sysops out there and 
it is long enough to make the unregistered message stick 
in their minds. I've seen doors with rediculous 30 second 
delays and such which sysops have outright refused to run. 
I didn't want LOD to become one of those!
    The delay was necessary for several reasons. The most 
obvious being that I could use a few extra $$ in 
registrations. LOD is a project that takes a lot of time 
to maintain and I need to take some money in from it to 
cover it's expenses and my time.
    Another reason was that registered sysops wanted 
something above and beyond the other unregistered copies 
out there. They wanted users to notice that they had sent 
in money to support the game. I hope this takes care of 


People I Wish to Thank
Scott M. Baker

    Doug Merha: Doug sent me a very nice submission of 
monsters and a nice picture of a cyclops for the game. You 
should notice several new monsters have appeared in the 
outer zones....

    Robby Eckert: Robby also sent in a plentiful amount of 
monsters. Although I don't think you players will be 
thanking him when one of his creations leads to your 

[O] + From the Editor                                 Patrick Reed + [O]

    Welcome, one and all, to Land of Devastation (LOD).  Scott Baker
    has just  released  version 3.70,  which  contains a  variety of
    NEW  features.  Users  might  notice  fewer  delays  while  ANSI
    graphics  are  being  displayed.  Scott  has  trimmed  down  the
    displays  to show  only  necessary  information,  which  is most
    evident during combat encounters.

    GTERM 3.70 is also released  with this version of LOD, and rumor
    has it that  there  are some hot new  additions to the  graphics
    and  sound  libraries.  Be sure to try it out.  This  will be my
    initiation to GTERM,  and I am looking forward to the fun of it.

    As the game documentation will state, I must advise you all that
    GTERM  versions  earlier than 3.70 will _NOT_ function  properly
    with LOD version 3.70.  Scott will reveal more to you  about new
    features later in the game documentation.

    Included  in this  issue  are  articles from Christopher Darque,
    moderator of the  proposed  _NEW_ LOD Support Forum on  FidoNet;
    and the famed  Madonna,  lusty  wasteland adventurer.

    LOD News is published  on behalf of Scott Baker by Patrick Reed,
    with new issues  released as user support demands.  Articles are
    needed from users of LOD in order to help LOD News to thrive.

    Send  E-Mail to  Patrick Reed  on  FidoNet Node  1:300/9,  or at
    Internet  address  to submit  articles  for
    publication.  Topics include, but are not limited to:

           LOD DOOR SETUP
           PLAYER TIPS

    Everyone is welcome to write  something up  and submit it.  Like
    I said, we need user support.  LOD News  depends almost entirely
    upon you all.  Thanks in advance for your support.

    Now, for the News ...

[O] + From the Game Author                            Scott Baker  + [O]

    Well, since I didn't get  my submission to our  editor,  Patrick
    Reed, in time, I'm  throwing this  in at the last minute, so the
    formatting  might not seems  as consistant  as the  rest  of the

    First of all, let me address the subject of registrations.  Many
    people  have  questioned  why  I  don't  send  out  registration
    packages  with disks, documentation, etc.  The primary reason is,
    it's  a lot simpler to have people just pick up their codes from
    my bbs  system.  When A donation arrives in the mail, all I have
    to do  is  just  type  the  sysops name and data into the online
    database, and it is ready and waiting to be picked up.

    To  pick  up a registration, all you have to do is log on (call-
    back verification  is not needed - you may do this on your first
    call), select "REGLOOK" at my main menu, and you will be asked a
    few questions to verify your identity.  Once  that is  done, the
    bbs will display your registration code for you.

    An  added  benefit  of  this  system:  If  you  ever  lose  your
    registration code (hard drive failure, etc), then you  can  just
    call the bbs up and grab it again.

    Next, I would like to extend my appreciation  to  Patrick  Reed,
    who  has  taken up the task of maintaining our newsletter.  Also
    of mention is  Christopher  Darque, who is working on setting up
    the LOD support echo as well as  drawing  up  EGA  images faster
    than I can implement  them  into  the game!  Last but not least,
    Chris  Azure  has provided  me with  even  more of his excellent
    MOD music for the game.

    Scott Baker

[O] + Customizing LOD                           Christopher Darque + [O]

        EDITORIAL NOTE: At publication time,  a number of changes
                        have been made to LOD version 3.70.  Some
                        of these  ideas have been included in the
                        game.  An errata to this  article will be
                        published in the next issue of  LOD News.
                                                  -- Patrick Reed

    LOD  provides a  number of tools that let you tailor the game to
    suit  your  particular  desires.  With the exception of the  Ega
    graphics  almost every  aspect of the game can be changed.  This
    opens up all sorts of possibilities that intrigued me because so
    few games are open to any modification.

    In doing so, I used all my years as a GameMaster and role-player
    to  make a game  that was  based on the concept that I use in my
    BBS-based role-playing group, Zone Central.

    Zone Central  is a  multi - BBS  universe  that  is based on the
    concept of our  contacting the  AlienNet, which as similar to an
    electronic Network.  In doing so, we found that the Aliens could
    not  tell that our  Doorgames  were not actual  Universes.  They
    simply used the connections to begin  what it to them the normal
    exploration and development of a new Galaxy.

    All the  Members of  Zone Central are Dimensional Travelers,  or
    simply  Travelers.  I wanted to use the  customization of LOD to
    make it fit much more tightly with this concept.

    In doing so I realized that even though the tools were available,
    there was  little to help  Sysops (from this point on I will use
    GM, since that is what you become if you do this)  actually  use
    the tools.

    This article is an attempt to cover some of the basic  steps you
    will have to work through.  I hope that it will be helpful.  But
    keep in mind that it is only a beginning, nothing can substitute
    for the  experience of actually  working on the game and  really
    seeing what works.

    Before you do anything at all, READ THE DOCUMENTATION!  I cannot
    state this strongly  enough.  Read them, look through the values
    in the editor and  make  sure you understand  how  things  work.
    Scott has always been  quite nice about  answering  questions so
    use that  resource.  At the end of this  article I have listed a
    number of  NetMail  addresses  for  myself,  and I can always be
    reached through Scott's BBS.

    To begin,  never  work on a  game that is in progress.  There is
    nothing more annoying than having to restart a game  because you
    made a mistake.  Players do not take  this at all  well.  Always
    set up a separate copy of LOD and  work on it.  That way you can
    experiment in safety.  If something goes wrong and  you  have to
    erase it and  start over you will not get angry messages  asking
    what happened to my character that I have spent 3 months getting
    built up!

    So a private working copy is an absolute must.

    It is fortunate  that  LOD is a rather  forgiving  game.  I have
    found that most errors can be corrected without irreparable loss.
    If you find that the game is generating  errors when run you can
    usually fix the problem and the datafile will correct themselves.
    This is not always true, but it usually is.

    One of the most common problems come when editing/creating items.
    If you make a mistake in the work the game  might not be able to
    handle  what you did.  If a character has an item and you change
    it the game will still think that it has the old  stats, causing
    confusion and sometimes errors.  An easy way to test for this is
    running the Rankings in NEWLODED.  If the problem is centered in
    a character the command will fail.  Usually  simply deleting the
    item from the character will fix the problem.

    Another major source of problems is errors in the Strings, Talk,
    Monster, and Combat DEF files.  It is very important to maintain
    the structure of these files, if you do not then expect the game
    to go boom.

    Always  make  back-up  copies  of the  original  files  to check
    against.  Also at each successful step of the way copy the files
    to a back-up.  That way, if you oops you will only lose the most
    recent work.

    Concept Development
    Edit Map
    Edit\Create Items
    Modify Starting Stats
    Edit Strings
    Edit\Add Monsters
    Edit\Add Talk
    Edit\Add ANSI
    Edit\Add Combat Strings
    Edit\Add Tavern People
    Edit Terrain Specs
    Edit\Add Town Names
    Write Special Docs

    The first step is to decide on the  concept that you are working
    towards.   What  about the  basic  game do  you want to  change.
    There  are  really two  different  approaches to consider.  One,
    keeping the basic story-line of the game and adding to it.  This
    would mean that you are not trying to actually  change the ideas
    of the game, just  add  new  things  to it.  All of the  editing
    sections that follow apply to this style.  With the exception of
    anything that is story-line dependant.

    The  second,  and more complex, is to alter  the  story-line  to
    create a completely different environment.  This takes much more
    time  and  effort  but can be quite  rewarding.  This article is
    directed at this type of effort since it involves all the custom
    features of LOD.
    In doing a full  customization, you will  want to start with the
    Story-line.  What has  happened to put the  World in this  state?
    Who are the primary  people  involved?  What are the  conditions
    under  which the world  operates?  The subject of world building
    is covered  quite  well in any  number of Role - Playing  texts.
    If I tried to really cover that topic we would have a very  long
    article.  Suffice  to say  that  you  need  to  investigate  and
    consider every aspect of the game.
    In this  article I  will refer  from time to time to Betelgeuse.
    That  is the  name of the  Zone  Central  LOD  game.  The  basic
    premise  of  it  mixes  the  standard  LOD  story-line  with the
    Dimensional Traveler concept discussed above.

    This is where you should begin the actual work of creation.  The
    map is  literally  the foundation  upon  which  everything  else
    should be built.  No matter what you name them you will have the
    same basic pieces to work with; Cities, stores, quest locations,
    and the terrain Set.
    The primary  focus for  Betelgeuse was to make the map much more
    complicated.  I put more in more mountains and limited access to
    many  areas  to a single  route.  I also  reduced the  number of
    teleporter pylons.  To make the map more visually  interesting I
    mixed terrain types in a sort of gradual  style.  What I mean by
    that is if you are moving from a large desert area into a plains
    area you would first see small  patches of plains mixed into the
    desert.  As you move  closer,  the density  of Plains  increases
    until it is 100%.
    You need to understand  the  concepts  of LOD zones.  The map is
    divided  based on distance from 1,1.  Every 30 units you enter a
    new zone and will meet a different  group of monsters.  Be aware
    of this  while  you are placing  things in the  wilderness.  The
    farther away from 1,1 they are the higher the level of character
    needed to reach them.
    It is possible to modify the zones in that the monsters have the
    distance  where  they  can be found as  part of their  stats.  I
    found that having a few creatures  that straddled 2 zones helped
    to make  things  seem a little  less  artificial.  You  can also
    reduce the area that a monster in which a monster will appear to
    make them less active.

    Give  careful  thought to the placement of the quest points.  If
    it is too easy for  players to get all the Puritron  parts  then
    the game  will be over far too  quickly.  Use the whole  map and
    spread them out.
    You can place a number of  Sacre Base  cities on the map to give
    players supply points.  One of the main reasons to do this is so
    you can place unique people into each tavern.

    The  map is  probably the  single most  important  part  of  the
    process.  If it is too simply then players will get bored  quite
    easily.  If it is too hard  they will become frustrated.  I tend
    to err on the hard side; however,  you can always  compensate by
    giving players some information to help them along.

    Edit\Create Items
    The basic  item set for LOD covers all the important needs.  The
    greatest area for change  comes in the Fortress Items.  There is
    quite a bit of room for more expensive and powerful items.
    I have always  considered that there are two  phases to LOD.  In
    the first, most of the players are low level and money is scarce.
    Players  slowly  advance and build.  In this part, the quest for
    the Puritron is pursued very heavily.

    Once at least a couple characters reach the level at which taxes
    are levied the game  shifts into Phase II.  In this phase, which
    lasts  until the game is reset,  players  have large  amounts of
    money,  and  even  low  level  characters  can afford  the  most
    expensive Items.  Fortresses are rapidly constructed and quickly
    fully stocked.
    When Phase II is reached, the limitations of the basic  fortress
    items becomes  obvious.  A mid-level character armed with strong
    weapons can destroy even a fully equipped fortress.
    The other  problem  that you will see is the massive  amounts of
    money  that the players  will have.  More powerful and expensive
    fortress Items would solve both of these problems.

    There are other possible solutions to the excess credit problem.
    One is to set the taxation  level  much  higher and the  percent
    much  lower.  This will  increase the time in Phase I and reduce
    the money flow once Phase II is reached.

    You have a rather  wide latitude in creating  new items.  A good
    look into the items list will show that some are single  purpose
    devices  that  cannot  be  changed  (the  Laptop,  Communicator,
    Scanners, etc.) but many do allow for variety  (Weapons,  Armor,
    Stealths, Ammo Packs, etc.).
    In creating  new items,  try to fulfill a need.  Look at what is
    available  and balance  your new creation with the others.  Cost
    should be a big  factor but also  consider  availability.  If an
    item can be purchased, then it is open to all.  If it has to  be
    obtained from a creature then it is a much more special prize.

    There are some  inherent  limitations that you have  to observe.
    As far as I can tell no weapon can do more than 99 pts of damage
    on it's own (before strength adjustments are applied in the case
    of S.R. Weapons).  Personal armor is limited to 999 pts.  I have
    successfully  created  fortress  shields  that are 2,000 pts and
    reactors  that produce  1,500  energy;  so,  they are  basically
    unlimited.  Most packs are  limited  to 99 pts as far  as I  can

    Here is a new  concept for you, InfoPacks.  InfoPacks  are items
    that  actually do nothing except  carry  information.  I use the
    rope application code for simplicity.  The only feature of these
    is if you 'Show' it you will get an ansi picture or text.  These
    can hold  details on monsters,  partial maps,  special hints, or
    just about anything.
    Since  items  are a  major  source of game  problems,  I want to
    restate  that you must carefully read the Documentation.  If you
    look at the existing items and base your  creations on those you
    should be ok.
    Modify Starting Stats
    LOD does give you the ability to set quite a number of the basic
    starting  values.  Character attributes,  hitpoints,  credits, 3
    starting  items,  fortress  starting items,  fortress  costs and
    taxes are all under your control.
    Balance these to suit your tastes.  Consider the strength of the
    characters in relation to the  strength of the  creatures.  Give
    them enough to survive but not so much that life is too easy.
    Edit Strings
    All of the  basic  text  strings  used in the game  are in a few
    files.  These are the  Strings.Def,  Talk.Def,  Combat.Def,  and
    Ansi.Def.  Each of these are discussed in their own sections.
    Strings.Def contains the general  text used by the  program  for
    things  like the  laptop,  commands  issued  in the  game,  menu
    selections and statistics displays.  It is difficult  to explain
    what is in here as  opposed to the other  Def files.  The simple
    answer is that  if you see it in the game,  and it is not in the
    Monster,  Talk,  Combat, or Ansi files then it is in the Strings
    file.  I know  that is not a very good  description,  but if you
    look into the files then you should be able to understand.

    In this file,  you have much of what the  player's see.  Since a
    definition is difficult, I am going to give you some  example of
    what you can do with it.

    In Betelgeuse I did  global  replaces to  make the to change all
    occurrences of  character  to persona.  In a few areas, like the
    Rankings display,  I used traveler.  I changed  the string  that
    talked about the nasty tasting food packs to say,  "The new food
    packs  taste  wonderful!"  All 'Quit'  commands  were changed to
    'Exit Dimension' or 'Retire for the Night'.  One of the simplest
    things I did caught the most attention from my  play testers,  I
    changed the laptop main drive from 'C:' to 'Z:'.

    Depending on what type of modification you are doing you may not
    need to  work on this  file at all.  Or,  you may change  almost
    everything in it.  Unless you know the game extremely well,  you
    may want to change the things you know about, run the game a bit
    and make notes on the things you wish to change.

    In version 3.51 there is a program called  COMPSTR,  to edit the
    Strings you  change the  Strings.Txt  file  and use  COMPSTR  to
    compile it into Strings.Def.  Version 3.60 uses a compiler for a
    number of the Def files,  check the Docs on the version you have
    for specifics.

    You have to be  extremely  careful to maintain the  structure of
    this file.  The game has no tolerance for changes  that  violate
    this rule.

    Edit/Add Monsters
    The Monster.Def file contains all the  creature specifications.
    You can modify the ones that exist and create new ones.

    The Zone structure has been  discussed previously, so I will not
    go into it again.  Place your creatures in an  appropriate area.
    There are references to origin(x,y,z)  commands in the file.  As
    of version 3.51,  these do not  function properly.  I discovered
    this the hard way when I created a number of lethal monsters and
    confined  them to a  valley  at the end of the  map.  When a few
    play testers got killed by these creatures, far from the valley,
    I realized that the commands were not functional.
    Do not overlook the fact that creatures are the major  source of
    many items.  You can make some things easier to find,  or harder
    to find by  adjusting the number  of monsters  that carry  them.
    Balance is important  here.  Try to make sure that by the time a
    player reaches the area where she/he might have to fight the new
    creature they are strong enough to have a fair chance.
    If you have any Role-Playing  references you should have lots of
    source material for new creatures.  Your new Story-line, if any,
    should also suggest possible new creatures.
    On the simple side,  I have found that  the special  quests will
    last longer if you make  them tougher.  Doubling their hitpoints
    and  increasing their stats can make them  something that even a
    strong character will have to work hard to overcome.  After all,
    there are not many of them,  and if they are killed too quickly,
    the game  suffers.  Do not make  them so strong  that they  will
    never be beaten but they can stand some work,  especially if you
    have given the players more strength.

    If you have created new items consider distributing them to some
    of the monsters, especially weapons and armor.

    Edit/Add Talk
    The Talk.Def file is a great  place to add details to your game.
    In it,  you  can  give  creatures  a voice,  and  create  tavern
    Dwellers.  For the monsters you can add personality,  instead of
    just  the normal 'kill  them  when you see them'.  If they  have
    some information to impart  then the players  will have a reason
    to talk with them.  You should mix the information in with a lot
    of useless chatter so it is not too obvious.
    Here  is a trick  that you might  find  useful.  Have a creature
    tell a player  that it is carrying some  important  item.  It is
    best it this is set as an automatic  item that the monster  will
    always  have.  If the player hears about it they can either hope
    that it will not disintegrate,  or they can pay the price to buy
    it.  I have found this to work  well with  InfoPacks  of various
    sorts.  For example, the  Black Widow Leader  will tell you that
    she is  carrying a map that will  lead you to a secret  treasure
    house.  She is carrying an InfoPack named 'T-Map'.  Most players
    will pay almost  anything for such information.  A nasty variant
    on this idea is to set the  Disint  factor very high so the item
    will most likely vanish if not purchased.
    Each city can have a number of  Tavern  people who will  discuss
    things  with  players.  By adding to the current  stock, you can
    get information  across to anyone who  bothers to stop and talk.
    I always try to put really useful  information here.  It is also
    a good place to impart story points.
    Since each city can have different people in it, do so!  This is
    currently  the only way to make  cities different.  Once you are
    inside a  Sacre Base  style city,  all the options are the same.
    The Tavern  people  are the one  exception.  Even if they do not
    have a lot to say, a few  unique people give the city  something
    to help differentiate it from the others.
    Edit/Add ANSI
    The  Ansi.Def  file holds all the menus,  item descriptions, and
    intro screens.  Using the ANSIPUT program you can extract, view,
    and modify all of these.  A custom menu set really adds a lot to
    the uniqueness  of your game,  even if you simply  colorize them
    differently.  Of course you cannot change the keys that are used
    on each menu,  but you can  describe the function in a different

    If you  create new items you will want to make ansi descriptions
    for them so players can have some idea of what they are getting.
    The ease of working with the Ansi.Def file is what made me think
    of the InfoPacks.

    There is one minor  complication to working on the Ansi.Def, and
    it has to do with GTERM.  Let's  say that you  have  spent  some
    time and  completely  redone  your menus.  Each one is a master-
    piece,  colorful and  functional.  You get everything  finished,
    attach  the  game  to  the  Board  and  await your first player.
    Someone calls,  hits the entry  key for the  game,  it loads and
    opens up on Sacre Base.
    So far,  so good.  But when the  player  initializes  GTERM  the
    trouble begins.  As he moves from  screen to screen,  the  menus
    scroll out, they do not pop up as they  should.  You wonder what
    is wrong.
    Actually,  nothing is wrong, but you have a bit more work to do.
    You see,  if the  Ansi.Def  you are using for the Host  does not
    match the Ansi.Def the player is using with  GTERM  things  will
    not work as they should.  The game can be played but the  player
    will not get the instantaneous  response they are used to.  This
    problem confused me for quite some time, but I have worked out a
    What you  will need  to do is supply  your Ansi.Def  file to the
    players.  If they use it with their GTERM they will not have any
    problems.  But, wait, what if they  wish to play  standard games
    as well?  My solution to this is to provide  both your  Ansi.Def
    file and the Standard  Ansi.Def file in whatever  archive format
    is popular in your area.  Along with this add a couple of simple
    batch  files.  Most people  have a key on  their  communications
    program to start  GTERM.  They will  simply have to add two more
    One of these will  unarchive your  Ansi.Def file  into the GTERM
    directory,  and the other will  unarchive the standard  Ansi.Def
    file into the GTERM directory.
    It is  actually  simpler than it sounds.  And of course, if your
    players  only play on your  game, then they  simply  replace the
    standard  Ansi.Def  file with your  modified one and they are in
    If you are  going to really  make a  custom LOD game, the slight
    pain of the GTERM problem is worth  overcoming.  Nothing makes a
    game more unique  than  special menus.  And it really is easy to

    Edit/Add Combat Strings
    I am not going to say a lot about the Combat strings.  It is all
    of the things that blur by as you hank and slash through a fight.
    You can edit them and even add new ones if you wish.  I like the
    idea, but it is hard to get anyone to really read them.
    The  only part that is  somewhat  interesting  is the  definable
    type  codes.   You can  create  special  combat  strings  for  a
    specific creature or class of creatures if you wish.  This would
    allow for more specific combat.  If you are creating a new class
    of creatures you might wish to investigate this option.
    I have created a number of Storms.  These are very high hitpoint
    things  that are really supposed to be evaded.  It is impossible
    to 'kill' them.  But since I have to work within the game system
    they are defined as monsters.  I have created a few new items to
    serve as weapons,  set the  Disint to 100  and made a few combat
    strings  to  support  them.  This  is  the  sort  of thing  that
    requires combat string work since  storms do not have body parts
    to be hit and never dodge out of the way.
    Edit Terrain Specs
    Unless you are working in an Ansi-only game there are only three
    things that you can do with the actual terrain pieces.  One, you
    can give them another name, but that is limited since you cannot
    change what they look like.  Two, you can make them  passable or
    not.  Three, alter the chance of an  encounter  occurring when a
    player steps in them.
    Renaming  them is something  that must be done with  care if you
    want to  make the game  make  sense.  Calling the swamp  piece a
    beach  will tend to confuse players, since it certainly does not
    look  like  sand.  But  calling  the  desert  piece  a  beach is
    acceptable.  Just try to make sure there is some  sort of visual
    connection to the names.
    Changing  which  pieces can be  passed  through can provide some
    interesting  mapping  possibilities.  While I was  writing  this
    article one of my team was  working on his first  custom map and
    game (convenient huh?).  He decided  to make  both mountains and
    rivers  impassable.  He then  proceeded to make a map with a low
    percentage  of  mountains but lots of  rivers.  It worked  quite

    Each  terrain  piece has a percentage  chance  that an encounter
    will occur.  This can only be modified by  stealth  devices.  If
    you  wish  to  create a bunch of stealth  devices  with  varying
    abilities,  you can increase the encounter rate by  turning each
    piece  up.  You can also  widen the  range of  levels by turning
    some pieces up, and some down.
    If you plan to make changes in the  encounter  percentages,  you
    should  test the effects of the available stealth devices on the
    new  pieces.  After such a test,  you might  wish to  adjust the
    devices effectiveness to suit you.  Sometimes a player wishes to
    explore and not have to stop every other step to fight something,
    turning a couple  stealths on can accomplish  this.  Think  hard
    before you take this ability away.  If you have  even run out of
    ammo  deep  in the  desert  and  had to  sneak  home,  you  will
    appreciate this need.
    Edit/Add Town Names
    As noted in the  Sysop.doc  file,  you  need to change  both the
    terrain  name and the  Town name to alter the  Cities.  Remember
    that  their are references to the ones that already exist in the
    other files which must be changed as well.
    Although, much work may be required to remove  all references to
    the  Black Widows; if you want to set your game on another world
    you  have  little  choice.  There is  always the  possibility of
    recreating their background to fit your new concept.
    It  is  quite  important  to  be  thorough.  If your  background
    setting  contains  references to the Black Widows,  and you have
    renamed them the Slar'Kar, players will be confused and the game
    will suffer.

    Write Special Docs
    It is a  good idea  to write a special file to be distributed to
    players.  This can contain story-line information as well as any
    notes  that they need  to be able to handle  your new world.  If
    you have created any new Ansi then  you can distribute this file
    with the ANSI.DEF.
    I find that players like to have some info files  that they  can
    read  offline.  Sometimes I write  Briefing Packs  and  memos to
    support the games that I create.  Distributing  little maps is a
    nice touch too.

    End Notes
    In this  Doorgame,  Scott Baker has  created the  most  flexible
    format that you could want.  It has a great  amount of potential
    and I hope that this article will be of some help when you begin
    the process of creating your World.

    Christopher Darque
    Zone Central
    January 1993

[O] + "One Mean Mother"                                 /\/\adonna + [O]

    The Black Widow Gang  was another matter...     The first one of
    those  girls I saw was around  the Death Warrior Camp,  South of
    Sacre Base.  She didn't  look  like  what I  expected  though...
    Instead of the sleek,  jet-black  power  armor I was briefed on,
    this bitch was in clunky Energy Armor 500.

    She leveled a Phaser 3 at me and  missed by a mile, but I wasted
    no time  in heaving a Rad  Grenade  in her  direction.  The  Rad
    Grenades may not do as much damage as my Neutron Rifle, but they
    ALWAYS hit, unlike a random shot, which would often  deflect off
    some of the fancy powered armor I had read up on.

    Then  we  engaged  in combat.   Her  Electrolance  singing  with
    radiated power, while I parried her attack with my Neutron Sabre.
    Suddenly, she fell on the ground,  holding her back.  Effects of
    over-exposure to radiation, I suppose.  But I had her.  I showed
    no mercy as I made one final  slash into her  Energy Armor,  and
    deprived her of the last bit of life.
    I thought to myself, "These  Black Widows are a bunch of WIMPS!"
    I wondered  why  Defs and his new  guys were  having such a hard
    time with them.  Among the effects of the Black Widow, I found a
    computer  diskette  simply labeled  ROM:T-CODE.EXE.  I wasted no
    time  in copying  it over to my  trusty  Laptop,  and  prayed it
    didn't have a Virus.
    Thinking  that I'd have no problem in handling  any  more of the
    Black Widows,  I began exploring the Pylons  with the new data I
    had just  won.  Suddenly,  I was there!  I had  found  the Black
    Widow Base!

    In moments,  a Warmonger approached me, and began to boast about
    how he had helped the Black Widows steal the Puritron from Sacre
    Base.  I thought  about all those  brave men  Defs  had  lost in
    trying to  defend it,  and shoved a Rad Grenade  under his nose.
    He just  laughed  when it went off.  This geek  thought I was an
    easy mark,  and like so many  before him;  he underestimated me,
    I ripped him a new belly button with my Neutron Sabre, and while
    he stood  there in sheer  shock,  I thrust my  Neutron - powered
    weapon  as deep in his guts as I could  and twisted it,  just to
    see the look in his eyes as he died.  I pulled my Sabre out, and
    he fell to the ground.

    But no sooner had his guts  colored the ground red,  I turned to
    see a Black Widow Leader.  She was a handsome woman, and just as
    deadly as she was beautiful.  "So, some of you scum  from  Sacre
    Base  finally  made  it  here,  did you?  Well, you will  make a
    welcome addition to our gang...

    ...In the slave pen!  Hahahahahaha!"

    OK, bitch...   Here's  where we see how  well  that fancy Widow
    Armor 600 of yours can withstand the meanest Mother of them all!
    A well-placed  Rad Grenade  caught  her complete attention as I
    began my attack.

    She was quick.  I had to give her that; and had it not been for
    me wearing captured  enemy armor myself, I would not have stood
    a chance  against her.  My  Energy  Armor was  taking a  severe
    pounding  from  her  WidowLance, and as good as I was, I knew I
    wasn't going to make it, but I decided to go-for-broke.

    I decided to PMS all over her,  and just went  Berserk!  I have
    to tell you,  it was a close one.  I was down to less  than 10%
    of my usual  health,  but when she  suddenly quit attacking and
    fell on the  ground,  I was on  top of  her in a hot  New  York
    second to give her a new hair-do with my sparking Neutron Sabre.
    I wasted no time in examining her armor.  It was cold and black,
    and  felt  so deliciously  wicked and sexy at the same time.  I
    scooped up as much loot as I could carry with me from my fallen
    enemies, and snuck inside the Black Widow Base.
    Talk about  expensive!  Do  you have  any idea  how  much  stuff
    sells for there?  I guess the Black Widows never heard of Double
    Coupon  Days.  I ended up  paying  3 times  as  much  for a  new
    Neutron power pack there as I would have paid at Sacre Base.
    But I wanted to see how well this new armor would do,  so I sold
    off all the  junk I thought I didn't need,  and had the  balance
    put in my bank account for a rainy day and headed out the door.

[O] + LOD_SUPPORT Echo                          Christopher Darque + [O]


    I have  started  an  LOD Support  echo here in Indy.  It will be
    made available on the  national  Backbone  as soon as  possible.
    If you would like to connect to it now,  here is the information
    you need:

            NAME: LOD_SUPPORT
            HUB: Syn'er-gis'tic BBS
            SYSOP: Don Packwood
            Address: 1:231/50
            2400 Line: 546-1537
            9600+ Line: 549-1835

    Your Sysop  will need to send a netmail with the  following info
    to get hooked up:

            His net/node address
            A voice number in case of problems
            A Session Password
            Modem Type/Speed

    After that you can begin to poll Syn'er-gis'tic to get the Echo.
    I have a lot of good  things  planned for it,  and it  should be

    I can answer any questions you may have as well.


        ... (-) LOD Support Moderator (-) ...

        * Origin: NYN BBS - MegaCD-ROM 2 CD Online! (1:300/9)

                    LAND OF DEVASTATION NEWS
                        Volume 3 Number 1

                       Editor: Dave Rosson

  From the Editor:
      Changing of the Guard....................Dave Rosson
      Submissions Wanted.......................Dave Rosson

  From the Author
      Whats new with LOD!......................Scott Baker

      The Right Of Passage.....................JudgeDread
      Rebel Without A Clue...................../\/\adonna
      The Short Road to Chaos..................NORT

  Heard On KLOD, THE Wasteland Radio Station...Erik Madison

  News From the Wastes
      Politics, Propaganda, and the Puritron...JudgeDread

  Scenario Custimization
      Critters and Quests......................Dave Rosson

  Team LOD: Data On Some of the Big Names in the Wasteland
      Ray Bacon, Christopher Darque, Dave Rosson, & Tristan Walling

[O] + Changing of the Guard                            Dave Rosson + [O]

   First of I would like to apologize for the late date of this
document's release.  Life has a tendency of getting in the way of
important things.....

   To make a long story short, I'm the guy chosen to replace Patrick
Reed as the LOD Newsletter Editor, because he had to resign from the
post do to other pressing engagements.  Some of you may recognize my
name from the Pictures.IDX file or the Land echo on Fidonet.  I've been
involved with LOD since....since....well, try to find the first version
to have the Loki in it: They and some other monsters and the Cyclops
picture where my first submission.  Most recently I helped devise the
two newest puritron quests and made many of 4.0s new graphics.

   I've put my plans for world conquest on hold for the moment and have
started to experiment (SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME) with the design of
newsletter, attempting to pull the best aspects of earlier issues.  It
would also help to see more submissions, so the newsletter can be
released more often.

   But enough theory.

[O] + Submissions Wanted                               Dave Rosson + [O]

   What is a newsletter without articles?  I suppose it could be just
Scott announcing things, but there are better venues for that sort of
thing.  Put simply, we need your help.  When you do send submissions
though, could you please make it clear if you want the authorship
credits to be your real name, game pseudonym, or both.

*What sort of articles do we NOT want?
  --Alterations & Bug Reports: If its something that requires
        changes to main LOD code or documents, its best sent through
        the Fido LAND echo or to Scott's address.

*What sort of articles do we want?
  --Fiction: A nice story of the Wasteland is always entertaining.
  --Scenario Custimization: Lots of articles can fit here
     -Techniques that can be used to build better scenarios.
     -Tricks that produce useful effects in the game.
     -Genobj Code: The new Genobj can do all sorts of special
          things, and sharing what you use them for would be nice.
     -Unfinished Ideas: Have a plotline for a scenario but no time
          to create it?  Let others have a shot.
     -New Gangs & Monsters: Monsters that are to redundant,
          outlandish, or specialized for the conventional scenario
          might be just what others are looking for.
     -One Liners: Have some new lines for the Ghetto Blaster,
          Communicator, Trivia, or the new Chaos Medallion? Send em.
  --New Players Help: LOD can be pretty overwhelming at first.
          Share your insights and tricks with the new players.
  --Announcements & Reviews:
     -Your Creations: Want to make sure everybody knows about your
          cool new scenario or utility?  Announce it here.
     -Other People's Stuff: Want to sing the praises of, criticize
          (constructively), or offer suggestions regarding scenarios
          or utilities other people have made?  Do it here.
  --Other Stuff: I can't think of everything.

*Where do I send my articles?
  --You can upload them to either of two BBSs.  In either case leave a
    message to me warning me what they are so I can check with the
    appropriate sysop.
     -Not Yet Named BBS (1-602-544-5655 and 1-602-797-8573)
     -Starblazer's Express (1-619-951-5389)
  --You can mail it to me:
     -Dave Rosson, PO BOX 258, Victorville, CA. 92393
  --You could drop it into the RIME Land echo, IF ALL ELSE FAILS.
  --Incidentally, if you wish to call me voice (to ask about the
    newsletter, discuss LOD, or whatever) the number is 1-619-244-5852.

[O] + Whats new with LOD!                              Scott Baker + [O]

   Whats new with LOD? Currently, I am working on the Windows version
of GTERM.... Why Windows you ask? Isn't GTERM slow enough already?
Although Windows does have several drawbacks, there are many advantages
which will be noticable in the Windows Version of GTERM:

   - AUTOMAP. GT/Win features a complete automap system. As you move
about in the wastland, the map is updated. You can then zoom in and out
of your automap, scroll around to see where you've been, etc. You can
also save and load automaps from previous sessions. I'm planning on
adding some sort of a print option in the near future.

   - MAP WINDOW. The standard map terrain display has been raised from
3x3 to 5x5. This means you get a clearer picture of the surrounding
terrain as you move.

   - DIALING DIRECTORY. This is the first GTERM with standalone
capability. You don't need to shell to it from a terminal program.

   - MULTIPLE WINDOWS. If you're operating in 800x600 or greater, then
you can pop up an additional inventory or automap window or whatever
and put it on the screen wherever you want. In 1024x768, you can have
your full inventory visible at one time!

   - VGA SUPPORT. Although we're currently still using the EGA graphics,
GT/WIN will have full VGA support. So as soon as our designers have some
graphics done, we'll be able to release them.


     MICROSOFT WINDOWS 3.1 or greater

     CPU:   386/40 or greater

     RAM:   4 megs or more

     Video: 640x480x256 (minimum supported)
            800x600x256 (recommended)
            1024x768x256 (good power-user setting)

     Modem: 2400+ (9600 recommended)

   As of this date, GT/WIN is currently in the beta test stages. The
beta version can be found on my bbs, but there are no guarentees that
it'll work. Call NYN @ (602) 544-4655.

   NOTE: Although I am presently working on the Windows version, have no
fear, I WILL NOT ABANDON DOS. The Dos version is here to stay, and
within a few months, I may be releasing a VGA version of LOD and

[O] + The Right Of Passage                              JudgeDread + [O]

   Today I am 15. Tomorrow, I will be 16, and hopefully a man. Finally,
I will be allowed out of this small, secluded city that has been my home
all these years. They have said the wastelands outside are to dangerous
for children, but how bad can it be? I learned about radiation in school
four years ago, and I even built my own intensity meter! Ahh, sleep
shall come hard tonight.

   Breakfast was special for us today, double helpings of RS-32. We were
even given a ration of A-19, which is reserved only for special days
like today. It had a strange flavor, bacon-like I think my grandfather
once said. He used to tell us bedtime stories of days when food was
large enough to need a plate, not in pill form like today. How

     All passers please report to the ritual dome 

   Wow, we even get to meet the most respected of all Elders, Def Sacre!

   "Children, shortly you shall embark on a great and perilous journey.
If you complete this challenge, and return home, you shall be an adult.
Your destination is our brothers and sisters in Freedom City. But be
forewarned! Entry is reserved only for those who are able to prove
themselves in a battle with the mutated giant. This creature, having
only one eye, is unable to notice those that approach with stealth.
Strike fast, and strike hard! Work together, as the wastelands are harsh
and without pity on the weak. The dangers are many, the sanctuaries few.
Stay close to our base for a few days, and get the feel for your chosen
weapons. Our soldiers have cleared the immediate areas of the harshest
of hazards, leaving only an occasional rat for you to practice on.
Perhaps even a credit or two may be found, in which case our stores will
be happy to supply you with stronger equipment. To begin your journey, I
give each of you 2000 credits, a small med-pack, and ration-pills for 5
days. I wish you all well."

   That was five years ago. I am now a battle hardened mercenary. Last
year I came across the half-buried ruins of a city called Two-Sun, and
found enough duralloy to construct a fortress. I also found a storehouse
of paper, most of which crumpled at my touch. One piece which did not
was titled "Department of Energy, Atomic Studies Division." It listed
devices of great power called "Fusion Reactors" which are supposed to
generate great amounts of energy. Just what my home-base needs! Could
the Phoenix division be near the hamlet of Fe-nick-son?

   So now I have a mountain-top fortress with power to last a lifetime.
Although I have cleared the valleys below of mutant scum, the skies are
still filled with strange looking men who scream "Loki!" every so often.
I need weapons, more powerful than this Neutron Sabre I bought off a
confused 'droid last week. I've heard a man named "Ed" is a whiz with
large scale computer controlled phasers, as well as numerous "bazookas."
Perhaps that Death Warrior I caught yesterday has heard of him. A couple
shots of Spinal fluid coagulator and he just may tell me...

[O] + Rebel Without a Clue                              /\/\adonna + [O]
                         Editor's Note: This appears to predate the last
                         article by /\/\adonna, "One Mean Mother" but I
                         found no sign of it elsewhere, so...

   I remember Defs Sacre from the time before the bombs began to fall,
when the world with all it's insanity was still more sane than what came
afterwards.  I had no idea he was even alive, of course...

   Then one day, a runner from Sacre Base caught up with me, with a
dispatch from Defs.  Seems some of his new boys were having trouble with
an all-female gang called the Black Widows, and thought I could come and
help them out of the jam they'd gotten themselves into.

   I wasn't sure how I'd be received by the new Rookies at Sacre Base.
After all, the world before the bombs was pretty sexist, and I didn't
know if those prejudices would be carried over into the new nuclear age.

   But Defs knew me, and he knew that I wasn't a weak sister.  I had
just as much training as any of his new recruits, and could do anything
they could do.  I just did things differently, that's all. Sure.  Why
not?  Since the bombs wiped out the last of the shopping Malls in these
parts, all I've kept myself busy with is plinking the stray lizards that
cross my path every so often.  But I really wasn't ready for the first
mutant Valley Girl I ran into.

   She must have been somebody's sweetheart at one time or another.
Even with her green face, you could tell that she had been very pretty
at one time, before the radiation got to her.  She was even wearing the
cheerleader outfit from the high school she must have gone to before the
world turned upside-down.

   "Like, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to kill you, y'know?" she
said with a hair toss.  Fortunately, I had been well-versed in ValSpeak,
thanks to my own memorable trips to shopping emporiums like The
Galleria.  I even had a bumper sticker on my old Mercury Sable that
read, "I shop, therefore I am."  I felt compassion for the poor girl.
After all, it wasn't her fault she looked like a page from an old Don
Heck comic book.  "Gag me!  Like, that is a totally bitchin' outfit you
have!  Would you like, sell it to me?"

   The Valley Girl had to think for a few minutes, but she finally
agreed to sell me her Cheerleader Outfit for $1000 American.  I thought
I could have maybe gotten it for less at the Galleria way back when, but
I didn't haggle over price with her.  After all, it was a cute outfit,
and I didn't have the heart to kill her when it wasn't necessary.
Besides, I get tired of cleaning up messes. We parted as friends.  I
knew I'd see her again, and as I began the final part of the journey to
Sacre Base, I found an old Ghetto Blaster just like my Val friend had
been carrying.  So I turned it on and began walking on to Sacre Base.

   I then ran into an Insane Woman hiding behind a tree.  I tried to
talk to her, but she was beyond reason, so the merciful thing to do was
kill her and end her misery and suffering.

  And just beyond the gates of Sacre Base, I found a Mutant
Mother-In-Law.  She ran at me with a rolling pin in her hand, as if I
were her errant Daughter-In-Law.  But at least I was able to talk to
her.  She had made some yummy Wasteland Brownies, so I bought some from
her to tide me over until I had the chance to go to the store.  At
least, that's what I told her.  If the truth were known, those were the
WORST tasting Brownies I'd ever had in my life, but I could hardly tell
her that.  I nibbled on one just before I got to the huge gates that
surrounded Sacre Base.  After all, my tummy was growling at me.

   Some of the rookies thought I was a Valley Girl, and as I got up to
the gates, they had their Crossbows aimed at me!  It was a good thing
Defs was nearby.  "Hold your fire, you idiots!  That's not a Valley
Girl!"  I was glad Defs didn't spend all his time in bars anymore...

[O] + The Short Road to Chaos                                 NORT + [O]

   "The order you embrace will be your undoing!" spit the high priest of
chaos as our weapons locked yet again. I hadn't expected so hard a
conflict, even from such a high member of the Loki faith: Things were
different with this one, as if the fight was personal. As I watched he
performed a midair somersaulting kick that, while easily absorbed by my
armor, knocked the warper from my belt. The rules of the fight had
changed: Kill or be killed. Throwing caution to the wind I yelled like a
banshee and bounded towards him, my A-Mk. II glinting in the moonlight.

   I awoke later in the hospital at Sacre Base. The doctor calmed me and
said "There was some permanent damage, but you'll live.  You really
should invest in a clone sir."  "I never lost before," I grunted back. 
He answered that I had this time, and next time I might not be lucky
enough to be brought back. He also handed me a ROM disk that had been
found near my body.

   When loaded, the disk turned out to be a some Loki propaganda. I
nearly turned it off before a menu selection caught my eye.  With baited
breath I pushed the key to view it:

     "My beloved Sara and I had been assigned, along with other Sacre
  recruits, to investigate the wasteland and the recent reports of gangs
  sprouting up.  We were given the best weapons Sacre had available at
  the time, and felt quite confident.

     Avoiding encounters with Death Warriors, already well known for
  killing eachother off to encourage strength, and the Traders who
  scavenge the wasteland to sate their greed, we soon entered territory
  that had unknowingly been claimed by the Widows.

     The one that greeted us was tall and muscular, not unlike Sara,
  dressed in a skin tight suit of grey and black flexible armor.  She
  paused to accuse men of destroying the world, and to state how her
  kind would create order by reducing our role to menial labor and
  reproduction. No great feminist, I disagreed, at which point she
  attacked.  Though her delicate LOOKING armor absorbed our first
  blasts, eventually Sara and I prevailed.

     Hearing laughter we whirled to face a man in red and black robes,
  floating in the air and saying "She sought order with new principles,
  failing to see that order itself is the problem.  Do you understand?" 
  We were dumfounded, so he shrugged and flew off.

     Following him only led to more Widows, till one night Sara shook
  me awake: A person with glowing skin and a "Fang Gang" shirt was
  approaching the camp.  We hailed him in peace, but he only bared his
  fangs and charged, screaming about hunger.  He stopped only after
  taking tremendous damage, saying "The hunger, I don't feel it now" and
  vanishing after pushing a button on his belt.

     We turned back towards camp, only to see the man in red and black
  sampling our rations.  "He sought internal peace, unaware that all
  existence is in flux and can never know such a state.  I am a Priest
  of Loki: I understand such things.  Do you?"  Grinning at my confusion
  he shot out of sight into the sky.

     The ensuing weeks followed much the same pattern: Each encounter
  with a new gang would invariably bring the comment of the priest,
  asking if we understood.  Of the Snow Demons he said "They seek to
  retreat from the Chaos and isolate themselves in the cold.  But Chaos
  is all reality.  You can not escape it."  And the Serpine brought the
  remark "These beings correctly embrace nature, but foolishly see it as
  essentially neutral."  And over the fallen corpse of a mighty Draku
  warrior he muttered "Alas, the chaos this one brought by supplying
  arms to the wasteland will be missed."

     Eventually Sara and I decided to head back to Sacre, and didn't
  set camp, so eager to go home that we kept going.  The dark, heavily
  armored figure that blocked our path was shaped like a man, but had
  the face of a reptile.  "I am a Cabal warrior," his voice wrung out
  over Sara's Uni-Translator.  "My lord Xeboc has chosen this planet as
  his own.  It is time for you to vacate it."

     The fight was intense and he seemed immune to everything we could
  throw at him.  I only survived his glowing blade and alien strength
  because Sara threw herself in the path of a blow that would have
  surely disemboweled me.  Freeing my gun I took careful aim at his
  head.  He stared back with huge snake eyes.  I pulled the trigger as
  he grinned his last words, "HAIL XEBOC!!"

     Under that black night I knelt, cradling the corpse of my beloved
  Sara, unable to staunch the flow of her red blood. "Damn this
  wasteland!" I screamed, "Damn Xeboc, the Widows, all the gangs!  Damn
  Sacre and the futile attempt to bring order."

     I broke down sobbing, failing at first to notice the tall cloaked
  figure.  I couldn't tell who or what he was in the darkness, and
  didn't care.  "Are you ready to die?"  I asked.
     "Always." he answered with a grin in his voice.
     "I'm going to kill every living thing in this wasteland to avenge
  Sara, starting with you, then the gangs, then...."
     "What?" he asked, "You dislike the order the gangs are attempting
  to bring to the wasteland?"
     "Damn ORDER!  I follow CHAOS now!" I growled, shaking.
     "Then I greet you brother, for I to follow chaos, worship it,
  become one with it.  Only through anarchy can entropy be achieved and
  the world cleansed.  You understand that now.  You are ready."
     "What....."  The word caught in my throat as he floated forwards.
  He was dressed in Red and Black.  The Black of my dark thoughts.  The
  Red of Sara's blood, and the blood of those who would die for her.  He
  was the priest.  And at last I understood.
                            -- High Priest Kestol of the Loki

   Kestol had been a friend of mine, a jovial man with a beard and a
joke always at the ready.  He and his wife had vanished into the
wasteland years ago.  Funny, how without the beard and the Sacre uniform
I hadn't recognized him as the high priest I fought.

[O] + Critters & Quests                                Dave Rosson + [O]

   Nature has produced marvelous killers, from the smilidon (sabre tooth
tiger), to the veloceraptor, to any of the big cats today. Docile
creatures can be scary en'mass or when cornered (beavers have been known
to scare off bears).  So are why the animalistic things in LOD just
humanoid-animal-tool users, except the weak ones in zone 1?

  Step 1: Come up with a list of beasts that you like.

  Step 2: Figure out what they could take out in a fair fight.
     I.E. A veloceraptor could take out a death warrior easily, so
     zone 4 or 5 is probably right.
  Step 3: Base their attributes on the zone.

  Step 4: Simple descriptions will do (something like "A bear
     attacks" suffices, though describing the fangs and blood matted
     fur is a definite plus).

  Step 5: Look at the stats for the weapons used in your animal's
     zone and create animal weapon and armor with the same stats (no
     ammo required of course).
  Step 6: Put DISINT 100 or players will be able to get the items
     and you will have Sacre recruits biting people.

   Nothing helps a customized set like its own distinctive quests. And
there are lots of ways to make them seem distinctive:

   1) No Puritron Quests: The recruits can instead be 'Elimination
Specialists' blowing away gang leaders.  Alter Talk.TXT and Strings.TXT
to remove mention of the puritron and add clues to who to kill, (be very
careful not to change how many lines any particular topic in Strings.TXT
has.  Change the descriptions in Ptron.TXT and Bossmon.TXT, and change
the Ptron display in Ansi.Def and your set.

   2) The Steaks, Eye, and Badge: You can completely change the
character of these quests: First go into CUSTOM and change item names.
Then go onto the Talk.TXT and Strings.TXT to make them agree with the
new names.  For instance, in my setup you go to NORT's Base (the
Horticulture Center), pick up the data disk (steaks), take them back to
Fafnir Base (Sacre), and get the MissionInfo Disk (TroyInfo).  Or you
could have to present the Skull (Death Badge) found only on Death (Kirk)
to enter the Gates of Hell (Death Warrior City) which uses the teleport
trick to send you to an area with lots of lava, mountains, and
some....interesting....monsters.  Etc.

   3) Talking Quests: I'm sure you are aware that at several points in
Talk.TXT a % and a number signify that the above keyword solves a quest.
And you can of course edit the conversations to your hearts content to
have other keywords solve those quests.  But did you know that all
quests can be solved through Talking?  If you are a believer in the
power of the spoken word, you can get rid of a few ROM quests and make
them talk quests instead.  The targets are Tetris (4), Windows (10),
History (11), and SpWeap (15).

[O] + Heard On KLOD, THE Wasteland Radio Station      Erik Madison + [O]

  Wanted: 3 laborers needed for immediate work. Duties include light
demolition, duralloy shaping, phaser installations, and reactor
cleaning. Also need 2 techies for transporter realignments. Contact Joc
Dresnor at Fortress Constructors Inc.

  For Sale: 2 vitron cells with 25/50 charges remaining. May be
repowered at Ed's Emporium. 150,000 credits each or trade for Phase
Armor, working or not.

  Companion needed: Need partner for expedition to Kill Inc. Will share
all booty acquired during trip 50/50. Bonus paid for successful return.

  Programmer wanted: Must be proficient in Z++ and familiar with the
AS/9000 architecture. Contact Hal-4000 for details.

  In Sports News; Today at the Octoatholon Arn Wormron achieved a new
record in the long jump of 100.2 meters. He also tied the high jump
record of 229 meters. The Widowed Warriors destroyed the Black Death in
Cre-ball, 69-13, although the judges are questioning the use of neutron
assisted backhands. Typhoo Jogl lost to Helnor Actel in the phaser
try-outs. Funeral services will be held tomorrow.

[O] + Politics, Propaganda, and the Puritron            JudgeDread + [O]
     Editor's Note: Recruit JudgeDread recently brought in this strange
                    pamphlet that has been circulating through the
                    wastelands.  We advise you deal with such material,
                    and the madmen distributing it, as you would deal
                    any wasteland threat: Avoid or execute...

   This is to inform you of a great lie our leaders have laid upon us:
The Puritron. They have claimed this device will cleanse our world of
the radiation that pollutes it, and restore it the pristine beauty our
ancestors enjoyed. Bull! How do I know? Because I helped design and
build this device over 30 years ago. While my research indicated the
idea was feasible, in all actuality it did nothing more than "move" the
radiation. For every square mile near us it cleansed, another distant
area was polluted. The recycler section never worked, so Dr. Jack Sacre
suggested we replace it with circuitry similar to that found in a pylon.
"Out of sight, out of mind" he said.
   Yeah, until I noticed on a journey to the Widows camp for some spare
parts that the ambient radiation levels had _increased_! This is why it
was stolen and disassembled. Our world is filled with many factions and
communities, not all of which have decided to make their presence known.
Why should their families be subjected to the horrors of the atom, for
our benefit? They just could not sit idly by and allow us to destroy
that which they cherish! So, do not be tempted by the "rewards" offered
for its return by our leaders. If in your travels, you should find clues
to its whereabouts, destroy it!

[O] + Team LOD                                     Today's Victims + [O]

  Name: Scott Baker        Occupation: Student, University off Arizona
  LOD monster you most identify with: Distraught Sysop (grin)
  Hobbies: Programmimg, Salt Water Fish, Firearms
  Favorite Books: None.
  Favorite Movies: Star Trek, or particularly anything Sci-Fi
  Favorite Computer Games: Ultima, Sierra Adventures, and ... LOD!
  Commonly Used Quotes: Save Early, Save Often
  Anything you want to say to LODers: Write Datasets!

  Name: Ray Bacon          Occupation: Commercial Pilot/Computer Tech.
  What you like most in LOD: Ability to create your own game.
  What you like least: Clues in the text file pain in the ass to edit.
  LOD monster you most identify with: None.
  Hobbies: Running a Multi-Line BBS, Golf.
  Favorite Books: None.
  Favorite Movies: None.
  Favorite Computer Games: LOD.
  Commonly used quotes: N/A.
  Anything you want to say to LODers: Beware the next NAS dataset!

  Name: Christopher Darque      Occupation: Consultant & Counselor.
  What you like most in LOD: DataSets & The Choices.
  What you like least in LOD:  Fixed Map, Lack of background activity.
  LOD monster you most identify with: Tranlius Defender.
  Hobbies: Games of all sorts, Lisa, Mind puzzles, & studying Life.
  Favorite Books: Dune, Stranger in a Strange Land, Travels.
  Favorite Movies: Star Trek II, Edward Scissorhands, Buckaroo Banzai.
  Favorite Computer Games: AV8B Harrier, Ultimate Universe, Starfox.
  Commonly used quotes:
      Computer, Tea, Earl Gray, Hot, in a Cup this time.
      Time is an illusion, lunchtime, doubly so.
      Do, or do not, there is no try.
  Anything you want to say to LODers: LOD has the potential for the rich
      interaction that has made role playing games what they are.  More
      than just a door, this is a complete RPG creation system.  Make
      use of it and your only limitations are those you put on yourself.

  Name: Dave Rosson         Occupation: College Student, Computer Tutor.
  What you like most in LOD: Talk.TXT and IsReals.
  What you like least in LOD: The default pic and No friendly monsters.
  LOD monster you most identify with: The Vampire Aretas.
  Hobbies: Computer Games, RPGs, Writing, Painting Miniatures.
  Favorite Books: The Judge Dee mysteries, the last 3 XXV novels,
      WarDay, Dune, 2001, Call of the Wild, Jurassic Park,
      A Separate Piece, Elison's Invisible Man, and Tower of Deception.
  Favorite Movies: Amadeus, the 3 Musketeers, Beauty and the Beast,
      Indiana Jones (1 & 3), Nightmare on Elm Streets 1, 3, & 6.
  Favorite Computer Games: LOD, Wasteland, Starflight I & II, Ultima VI,
      Neuromancer, Sango Fighter, & Romance of the Three Kingdoms III.
  Commonly Used Quotes: Fascinating. Ni! Hmmmmmmm. I'll be back. Huh?
  Anything you want to say to LODers: Embrace Chaos.

  Name:Tristan Walling                 Occupation:Blues Critic.
  What you like most in LOD: Strange Little Critters that need a pic.
  What you like least in LOD: Going out into the wasteland to find one
      of the little beasties that I made, getting lost, getting attacked
      by that SAME @#*&# Draku Defender a hundred times in a row, then
      running out of ammo and getting killed by that "little beastie"
      that I was looking for.  With no warper.
  LOD monster you most identify with: The Energizer Bunny.
  Hobbies: Drawing, making rhythmic noises, playing computer games,
      going out and messing with people as much as I can without getting
      myself killed.
  Favorite Books: 101 Uses for a Dead Cat, Stranger in a Strange Land,
      Roget's Thesaurus, and ElfQuest.
  Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Alien, Fantasia, and ones with lots of
      "hooters" in 'em!
  Favorite Computer Games: LOD, A10, wolfensteiny-shoot-up-everything-
      -that-moves types of games, and ones with overwhelming 256-
      color niftiness.
  Commonly used quotes: If I were me, which I sometimes am...
      Just a little peril...                 F@*k it!
  Anything you want to say to LODers: When wandering through the
      wasteland, remember one thing and you'll be fine --- everything IS
      trying to kill you, and there are always more. But, as they say at
      Sacre base, you can win, just keep at it!
                       ... by the way, does anyone have a spare warper?
                   Volume 1 Number 6

                  Editor: Dave Rosson


  From the Editor:
    Ramblings.................Dave Rosson

  From the Game Author:
    Lod on the Web............Scott M. Baker

    Christmas at Sacre........Andrew Wilson
    Time Running Short........Unknown

  Scenario Ideas:
    The Future of LOD.........Scott M. Baker
    Custom Device Ideas.......Scott M. Baker

    Love and Registration.....Jenifer Aro


  By Dave Rosson

- - - - - - - - -

You are now looking at the first LOD Newsletter designed first
as an HTML (World Wide Web readable) document. This either
means you are seeing the text version that will be included
with LOD, which is pretty plain, or the version on the internet
with a nice hypertext contents page and formatting.

As Scott points out in the next article Lod on the Web, Land of
Devastation has just hit the web in a big way. In addition to
his page and another fellow's, there is the LOD News Homepage,
at "" on which
I've set up html versions of all the newsletters and FAQs that
I can find regarding the game (if you know of any others, drop
me a note).

Beyond that, Newsletter submissions are still wanted: Fiction,
lgpl code, scenario ideas, odd quotes for radios: Anything is
welcome. Aim your submissions to me, via:

  E-mail: (this is the ideal method).
  Snail-mail: Dave Rosson, PO BOX 258, Victorville, CA. 92393.
  Upload: Not Yet Named BBS (1-520-544-4655), making sure to
          note Scott Baker there to tell me about it.


Lod on the Web
  By Scott M. Baker

- - - - - - - - - -

The World Wide Web (WWW) is certain to have a massive impact in
computing in the near future. I encourage anyone who has not
explored this interesting technology to do so at once - you
will have access to a massive amount of information at a very
reasonable price.

In recognition of this, we are making LOD very accessible from
the WWW. Dave Rosson and I both have home pages setup where LOD
information may be found. My personal home-page is at the url
address "".

  Here is what you can find:

    - Information about me :)

    - Online registration lookup capability. If you've sent in
     a registration, but are having trouble contacting my bbs,
     then you may be able to pick up your code here. The
     process is very automated and fairly easy.

    - The LOD interactive monster guide. Here is information on
     all of the monsters, indexed and cross-referenced with
     their weapons and armor types. Postage-stamp graphics are
     present of all the monsters. The whole thing prints up
     rather nicely if you want a quick guide to what monsters
     you might expect.

    - Various HTML documents. I will be converting portions of
     the user documentation, sysop documentation, etc to HTML
     format so that it is more easily accessible. HTML prints
     out very nicely, and I suggest if you are going to print
     out the user manual that you try to print out the HTML
     version as opposed to the plain ascii version.

    - LOD distribution archives. I will always have the latest
     version of LOD up for you to download.

    - Links to other sites. You can easily navigate over to
     Dave Rosson's page from mine. If anyone else has LOD-
     related pages online, send me a note and I'll add yours to
     the list!


Christmas at Sacre
  By Andrew Wilson

- - - - - - - - - -

It was Christmastime at Sacre Base again, and everyone was busy
getting ready. Early on, Defs Sacre and the leaders of Sacre
Base had realized the need for holiday cheer in this grim new
world. Troy Hadley was hard at work playing Santa and building
Sacre Warrior action figures and vehicles for the kids - these
action figures were fully mechanized and had real lasers.
Jeffrey spent Christmas running away from a Mean Max figure.

Max was set to play Scrooge in the Freedom City production of
"A Christmas Carol," and Captain Targon had ordered truckloads
of frozen snow from Frost Bite, so that the kids could build
snowmen and have snowball fights on base. Some of the cooks
were making their world-of-ruin-famous Liarei egg-nog. And they
were decorating a Christmas cactus. The recruits that had
battled this mutant cactus to the death were busy picking
thorns out of their bodies.

And among other things, the Drakus were actually in good
spirits this Christmas and had built genetically-engineered
reindeer from their chromosome stock. Of course, those festive
Drakus paid for it when Black Widow command found out, but they
died happy, in any case.


Time Running Short
  By Unknown

   Editors Note: If anybody could pass on the author and true
       title of this peace ('Time Running Short' is just what
       I decided to call it) I would be most grateful.

- - - - - - - - - -

Time was running short.  Chris decided to camp his character
out on an uncharted part of the wasteland and call it a night.
He had been going at it for several hours now and his eyes were
sore from looking at the screen. He logged out of his BBS,
turned the monitor off and went to bed.  It didn't take long
before he had fallen asleep.

             *                *                 *

Chris woke with a start and looked around. The wasteland
countryside he had called home for the night was still there.  
In the distance he thought he could hear the sound of a rad
hound barking loudly.  Probably tearing into some poor humanoid
mutant, Chris thought.  He checked to make sure no one had
stolen anything over the course of the night and took off.

He was farther from Sacre Base than he had ever been. To the
north was a string of mountains that kept a good large amount
of radiation out.  To the east was wasteland surrounding a rad
field where some nuke missile had hit. To the south, more of
the same. He had come from the west, and had no intention of
going back until he had gotten a piece of the puritron device 
or gotten himself killed.

In the distance he saw someone he recognized from his high
school days. Sapphire, or was this her twin sister Patti? There
was something odd about the way she was dressed, Chris thought,
as he examined her armor.  It was black (sans two red triangles
that met at a point forming an hourglass shape). Both Patti and
Sapphire had always been bright colored people. Floral print,
mostly.  He decided, since she hadn't seen him that he'd try to
strike up a conversation.

   "Sapph?!  Sapphire is that you?"
   "Chris?" She turned to meet his gaze.  Her blonde locks of
 hair shone in the post-nuclear sun, nearly blinding him. She
 still had the same great build and stunning looks.  Her green
 eyes were still as piercing as they were back in high school.
 Her fair skin probably burned easily in the wasteland.
   "Who were you expecting?  The Energizer Bunny?"
   Sapphire thought about this a moment, not entirely sure
 if he was joking or not.
   "Not really.  What are you doing out in this part of the
 wasteland?  Last I heard, you were stationed at Freedom City
 as a backup to help the convoy in the event of an attack."
   "Nothing's changed.  I'm out looking for Puritron parts.
 Some raiders calling themselves the Death Warriors charged the 
 convoy and stole the thing."
   "So then Sacre Base sent you?"
   A thin sliver of a smile spread across Sapphire's face.
 She had seen a poster in the Widow Warrior's HQ.  "$500 for a 
 live Sacre Base soldier, $2500 for a dead," it had read, less 
 than three hours ago and she intended in making a few thousand
 dollars for some more widow packs.
   "Chris, don't take this personally,"
   "Fine.  I won't."
   "But I've got to kill you."
   Chris rolled this around in his head.  Her, kill me?  Her?
 Kill me? He started to laugh.  It started as just a giggle,
 but soon he was slapping his leg to keep from crying.
   "Laugh at me?  Do you know who I've become?! Do you? I'm
 one of the highest ranking Widow Warriors in the wasteland."
   Chris sobered up immediately.  He recalled messages on the
 Sacre Base BBS.  He knew what the Widow Warriors were capable
 of. "You don't know how much it pains me to hear that."
   "I wish it could be different."
   "Likewise," Chris said, assuming his combat position.

The ensuing battle raged on for several minutes. Sparks flew on
both sides.  Finally Chris's Laser Resist Armor Monitor beeped
at him.  His armor was depleted down to nothing.  The only
things that save his life now would be a miracle or good place
to go run and hide at.

Unfortunately, the nuclear blast that had happened fifty years
ago had melted all the rocks in the area.  Boulders had been
reduced to a raised area in the Earth about half an inch high
and several feet around.

Sapphire also heard the beep and took full advantage of Chris's
distraction, slashing viciously at his neck. The last thing he
saw was Sapphire standing over him saying "Forgive me, Chris."
She raised the Widow Lance a little, readying herself for the
final blow.

             *                *                 *

Chris sat bolt upright in his bed.  Beads of sweat glistened
off his forehead, his heart was pounding, and his alarm clock
buzzing at him, all in the safe confines of his bedroom.  His
computer lay in the corner, the lights giving off the usual
glow of their yellow and green LEDs.

The room was dark, otherwise,  with the exception of the eerie
glow of the Electro-Lance that he held in hands.  Chris looked
down at the deadly weapon that had yet to be invented. "No!"
he cried as he saw the thing in his hands.  Sobbing, he shook
his head, as if that would help to shake away the impending
future. "NO!"

The thought of fighting like that with a woman he idolized was
bad enough, but to be killed!  He looked around, using the
Electro-Lance as a flashlight. The room was in it's usual state
of chaos. Clothes, books, armor, weapons, and some CD-ROM discs
lay on the floor.  Chris got up, unsure of where the armor or
weapons had come from.  The black energy armor had the same red
triangles as did Sapphire's armor in his dream. The black Widow
Lance also bore the symbol of the Widow Warriors, as did the
Widow Blaster.  The CD-Roms were also familiar, EM-Warp
(Emergency Warp program) and a NOTES CD ROM.

Chris picked up the NOTES CD, put it into his computer, exited
the BBS software, which had finished doing the nightly
maintenance, and ran the notes program.  The usual was there,
with one exception.  The log read as follows...

  C-COORD  1,52,41   ACME Weapons Inc.
  C-COORD  1,104,1   EM-WARP Activated.
  Manual entry:  Chris,
        If you are reading this it is to let you know that I am
  back with my fellow Widow Warriors.  You got lucky this time.
  A Rad Hound saw me and decided I'd be an easy lunch.  After
  fighting you. I was in no mood or condition to face him, so I
  warped out.  I just wish things could have been different.
  P.S.  Try using the Widow Armor the next time you're out that
        far.  You might last a little longer.


Chris looked up at the clock. It was time to face school again.
Later that day, while Chris was at school, the Widow armor,
WidowLance, WidowBlaster and the Electro-Lance disintegrated.
hey had gone back to the future that they belonged in. Chris
debated whether or not to tell Sapphire, but then decided it
would be best not to tell her and let the future take care of
itself.  It always had before, Chris reasoned.  Little did he
know, Sapphire had woken up from the same dream that morning
with claw marks on her from her encounter with the Rad Hound.


The Future of LOD
  By Scott M. Baker

- - - - - - - - - -

The future of LOD lies in the construction of user datasets.
This is really what I have been striving to accomplish for the
last several years. Many of you may not realize the extent to
which lod can be customized. With the LGPL programming language
that is now built into LOD you can easily add your own objects,
new places to explore, etc.

One very good example of this is Konnor McCloud's dataset for
version 4.21. Konnor added a ton of new items; I believe he
even filled the entire device definition file up! Some of them
were bizarre, like steroids or cherry pez, but others were
natural extensions of existing concepts, such as medkit-
rechargers and warper rechargers. All of this can be done by
ANYONE who has a reasonable knowledge of a pascal-like
programming language.

You don't really even need to know how to program that well
either. By cutting and pasting existing code, you can easily
make new objects that perform functions similar to objects that
already exist. I'll give you some information on creating
custom objects below.

The first thing to do is obtain the proper LOD files. To test
your creations, you will of course need LODxxxA.ZIP and
LODxxxB.ZIP, and whatever other items may be required for svga
graphics, etc. You will also need the dataset construction
package, LODxxxE.ZIP.

The primary files of interest within LODxxxE.ZIP are LCDOS.EXE,
files for the default dataset and you'll want to unzip it
immediately and have a look at the contents.

  The following files are used to create LGPL objects:

    - This file contains definitions for function
     calls that can be made to the lod game that is operating.
     For example, such things as placing objects on the ground,
     initiating combat, etc.

    - Primarily structure definitions and a few
     variable declarations. The structures in this file define
     the record formats in which users and fortresses are
     stored, etc.

    - This is the main file. It contains high-level
     code and include statements for all the other files.

    - Many miscellaneous objects are stored here.
     You can get a good feel for how LGPL works by examining
     the procedures here.

There are lots of other files too. LGPL files usually have the
extension of ".INC" and you can always find include statements
referencing them in LGPL.IN.

To add your own object, this is the process that you will need
to follow.

  1) Assign a new "devapp" code to your object. All of the
    devapp codes are listed in Just pick an unused
    number and that will be the code for your object.

  2) Using the device editor (inside CUSTOM.EXE), create the
    device itself. You might want to put it in a store so you
    can get them easily for testing. Make sure to specify in
    the devapp field the devapp code that you chose in step 1.

  3) Load up LGPL.IN and find the procedure USEITEM. This
    procedure has a large switch statement that dishes out
    control for smaller helper procedures that handle the
    devices. You'll need to add a new line for your device.
      For example:
        case devapp_mydevice: use_mydevice;

  4) Now you have to actually write the procedure to handle
    your device. I suggest you create a new .INC file and
    "include" it the same way the other includes are done (look
    near the top of LGPL.IN).

    This is where some programming knowledge is necessary. You
    can of course just cut and paste in code from another
    device that is similar to what you want to do and modify it
    slightly. Or if you really know what you're doing, write it
    from scratch. The name of your new procedure should match
    the name in the switch statement in step 3.

  5) Now you have to compile the LGPL code. This is done by
    running LCDOS.EXE. If it won't work ("invalid entrypoint
    called") and you're running windows, try LCWIN.EXE.

    LCDOS will probably spit out some error messages, because
    you probably mistyped something somewhere or used improper
    syntax or something - nobody's perfect. LCDOS will tell you
    what line number has the problem and you can load up the
    file and try to fix it. LCDOS's error messages can be
    somewhat confusing at times, but with enough practice you
    will be able to figure them out.

  6) Finally, you must compile the dataset itself. This is done
    by running COMPILE.EXE.


Custom Device Ideas
  By Scott M. Baker

- - - - - - - - - -

Now that I've given you some information on creating custom
devices, here's a few ideas for you:

 - Finish out the stuff I've left unfinished! There's a few
  odds and ends about in the game. If you see something that
  could be dealt with more thoroughly, then you might want to
  add some custom devices. For example,

  HISTORY.TXT tells about Richard Sacre's orbital platform.
  Maybe you could add a way to find it? Or a device to
  communicate with the online computer?

  That DRAKU HQ is pretty plain. Maybe the Draku's ought to
  have some sort of secret weapons facility there...

 - Potions are nice and easy to create. Have a look at How about a potion to transfer attributes from
  one type to another?

 - Gadgets. Everyone loves gadgets... How about a mine-sweeper?
  Or maybe some plastic explosives to blast fort defense
  shields with? What about a nearest-pylon locator.

 - Rechargers/Converters. An idea vastly explored by Konnor
  Mccloud...How about a device to convert power packs into
  armor rechargers? What about a do-it-yourself three round
  burst kit?

 - What about a more complex bar? I've seen other doors that
  let you flirt with the waitresses, meet with secret black
  market dealers, etc.

 - Puzzles/Riddles. How about a sphinx that makes the player
  solve a riddle?

 - Build stuff. The good 'ol "use item a with item b to create
  item c". Maybe you can add combine TNT and a detonator to
  make a new sort of mine? What would happen if you hooked up a
  proximity trigger to a fully-loaded vortex cell? How about a
  kit to add molecular-bonding to a steel shield?

 - Diseases... Let your imagination run wild! What about a
  disease which causes to you occasionally get delirious and
  walk to a random location?


Love and Registration
  By Jenifer Aro

- - - - - - - - - - -

A little more than 2 years ago I started my BBS, Kerowyn's
Haven, in Duluth, MN.  Somewhere along the road of development
I found the game LOD. I liked it a lot and it became a bit
popular for a while.  One of my users, Detrix, liked it so much
that he wanted to register it for me. (He eventually became the
first person to win the game on the BBS).

Anyway, Detrix and I met at my college.  I thought he was a bit
strange with the long hair and all (you can see an old picture
of him at my WWW site), but we really kicked it of.  We had so
many of the same interests..about 1/2 year later we started to
date.  Now 2 years later we are engaged!

And to think none of this would have happened if he hadn't
registered LOD for me.



T Name                  Worth            Level  Quest  Attr   Comp
─ ────────────────────  ───────────────  ─────  ─────  ─────  ─────
  APOLLO                  3,392,308,605    176     12    837   2254
  BOB                    15,752,946,621      7    312    128   2193
  RAN                       140,746,854      1      0     88    120
  DAVID                     140,747,954      1      0     88    120

# Team Name                       Score
─ ──────────────────────────────  ─────
1 Titty Twisters                      0